A Waffle (Woofles) Party for Joy


My fun task for IKEA this month is to celebrate Waffle Day, like they do culturally in Sweden, in the month of March. I decided to throw a quiet but awesome waffle party for Joy to cheer her up, because she’s been going through a rough patch recently at school and heath wise.

Before this task, I hadn’t checked out the IKEA food market throughly enough to discover the IKEA VÅFFLOR Waffles! They are these heart shaped, ready to re-heat waffles which are surprisingly crispy! I had a 3 hour long meeting right before setting up for the tea party and these saved me so much time, all I had to do was to heat up the waffles in my oven until they turned golden brown!

To go with the waffles, I picked the IKEA SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam as one of our condiments because this jam attracts me in all sorts of ways. Did you know? The harvest for Cloudberries are limited each year and even none in some years. These rare and hard to find berries are more available in Sweden and since our local IKEA carries the jam, we had to try! Other condiments we had are maple syrup and the SYLT LINGON Lingonberry preserves.

I put rose and lavender tea on the stand together with the condiments so that we can enjoy the calming scent as we eat!

I also discovered KALLES, a creamed, smoked fish roe that came in a tube. It tastes very much like fish roe but saltier and more fishy. Joy cringed when she first tried it but by the 2nd taste, she was asking for more and more. KALLES is so addictive! However it is really salty, so I had to strictly ration it for Joy.

I kept the table setting simple since I wanted us to eat at our balcony, on our IKEA TÄRNÖ Outdoor Dining Set (used with IKEA JUSTINA Chair pad in green). The waffles, IKEA chicken wings, fruits (contained in the MIXTUR Oven/serving dish set of 4, which can fit the 2nd tier) and condiments (contained in the IKEA BLANDA Clear Glass Bowls (set of 4)) were arranged on my IKEA KVITTERA 3-tier serving stand, so that I can easily carry them from the kitchen to balcony and to save space on the table. It is possible to have a party in the smallest of space!

I printed the stylised image of a chihuahua, her favourite kind of dog, on recycled paper and attached it to the loop of the KVITTERA serving stand to try and elicit a smile from Joy. The same image is simply pasted on IKEA POPPIG Paper napkins in striped green, blue and used as a place mat for the serving stand. Ditto with the napkins which I placed under our IKEA ÖPPEN clear glass plates. This makes our party a Woofles Party! (get it?)

As you can see, Joy was stoked! (and I am happy!)

For drinks Joy and I had IKEA Organic Apple & Strawberry Smoothie, chilled and enjoyed out of her IKEA FÖRSIKTIGT Wine glass, for coolness. We also had a huge bottle of plain water in our IKEA KORKEN Bottle with stopper (1L) for hydration.

It really was a quick and simple set up! Joy and I spent an enjoyable 2 hours relaxing while having tea at our balcony. We were so stuffed from tea that dinner will be a bowl of light porridge each. I’m pretty sure she’s cheered up a lot, and that’s what matters the most! Here are more happy photos of our Woofles Party to share, enjoy!


Disclosure: This post is part of a series of posts from my collaboration with IKEA Singapore. Some products used in this post as indicated are sponsored by IKEA but all ideas, creativity and experiences are my own, including re-using the very versatile IKEA ÖPPEN clear glass plates, IKEA KORKEN Bottle with stopper (1L) and IKEA FÖRSIKTIGT Wine glass, as well as IKEA utensils from my earlier Minimalist Breakfast Brunch Party!

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4 Replies to “A Waffle (Woofles) Party for Joy”

  1. What a classy setup and lovely view! Looks like a wonderful mother daughter time :)

    1. Estella Goh says: Reply

      <3 Hello Edlyn!

      Oh yes it was! And we needed it so so much!

  2. What a pretty and fun way to spend time with our little ones! Makes me want to get a balcony too. Ha!

    1. Estella Goh says: Reply

      Yes-si! Very fun! Try it sometime!

      And Ha! Look out for properties with balconies (pssst I just took my exams to be a real estate agent :D)!
      They’re an additional area to clean but super good for the soul! haha

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