The best steak you can ever get at a hawker centre

They serve it sizzling hot. It smelt so good that other patrons were turning their head when the stall helper sent it to me. #truestory

Here it is.. Thick, juicy steak in black pepper sauce.

Honestly, trumps Aston’s, Jack’s place and some other fancy restaurants I’ve been to.

I ordered it medium and it was cooked to perfection. Outer layer was well done but not dry and the inner layer was not undercooked yet moist. Had to take a cross section picture!

To me, one of the best part of a steak is the fatty bits. Melted in my mouth. Not oily, just fatty if you know what I mean. I feel sad each time I hear of people removing the fatty bits, I mean, why eat a steak if you’re health conscious? Go get some greens…

Priced at $9, it is worth every single cent in my opinion. So glad I discovered it by accident!

Where to get this:
Western Food
Blk 138
Tampines Street 11
Singapore 511138.

This is not a paid review, all opinions are my own.

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