Oishii Japan 2015 | A package of Japanese seasonal produce and prefecture specialities for $4

Did you know that Shochu… Is 1.5 times more effective than red wine in unblocking arteries? Contains between 25% to 27% alcohol content, much higher than Sake? Has sugar removed and so it’s a low calorie alcoholic beverage? Can be enjoyed in many different ways, enjoyed hot or cold, and adjusted to suit your alcohol […]

Old school baked Tapioca Cake ( 木薯糕 or Kueh Bengka Ubi ) from See Lian Cake Shop

Before our traditional Chinese wedding, the hubs and I went to this traditional cake shop to place an order for cream cakes to be used for our 过大礼 ( a significant ritual before a traditional Chinese wedding where the groom and a matchmaker visits the bride’s family bearing gifts, including wedding cakes, sweetmeats, jewellery and […]