Sudio VASA Earphone Review (with 15% Discount Code!)

I use a Sudio Klang Earphone (full review here) from Sweden and it goes everywhere I do, because music and I are inseparable. I wanted to give the Hubs my Klang, because he likes it a lot and, what luck, Sudio sent me Vasa, their new earphone to review.


The same clean, minimalist packaging I’m so in love with. On the box, it shows you what’s inside at a glance, no need to fumble with paper inserts to check. Each item is contained in it’s own box / packaging inside, very clean and clear.









Comes in four colors. I was really struggling to pick between the Rose Gold White and the Pink.

I am not very girly, but bubble gum pink paired with gold hardware and white earbuds borders on vintage – so gorgeous!









I find it difficult to return to using earphones with round wires ever since I started using Sudio Earphones – flat wires are a life changer, they don’t tangle, don’t tear easily and are so much easier to keep.



The earbuds were so white I had to make some adjustments in order to shoot them. Not off white, not beige white but white white. I received the Earphones since last October and been using the earbuds (not very carefully) for a while now and they are still white!









Noise Cancellation & Sound Quality

Noise cancellation is highly dependent on being equipped with earbuds of the right size to fit your ears. My ideal level of noise cancellation was achieved easily because of the very varied sizes of earbuds provided with this Earphone. I think that is just about the best you can expect from any off the shelf earphones. Any better, you’d have to go get a custom fit.

There is even a pair of earbuds in the set that will fit Joy.


In terms of sound quality, my personal preference is to have clarity, so that I can savour all the details in my music, as opposed to dynamic earphones. This one suits me well. Like the Klang, sound quality is not to bassy but yet, not too light or dry.









Same simple control as the Klang, I need not re-learn anything. Top button to increase the volume, bottom to decrease. Centre button to pick up and end calls or start and stop videos. Simple and intuitive.










Accessory game strong. This leather pouch comes with each Earphone and is of Sudio’s usual good quality with even, tight stitching. The inside of the pouch is no longer felt lined, which means it does not collect dust anymore. Looks wise, it’s gorgeous.


Retailing at $110 per set, with free shipping, the Vasa is well priced for the quality. Like the Klang, I would buy it with my own money.


Sudio has kindly extended to readers of this site, use “ESTELLAXSUDIO” when you check out for 15% off! Here’s their store link again:

Happy Shopping!


Disclosure: I was provided with one unit of the Sudio Vasa earphones for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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