Sudio Sweden Vasa BLÅ | Beautiful wireless earphones

EDIT: Congratulations Florence Chua! You’ve won yourself a Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden in any color of your choice!

I’m listening to my music a few metres away from my phone and the sound is beautiful. I can hear details. I cannot hear noise. Quite surprising, given that I’m using the Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden, a bluetooth earphone. I check the website and it says I can be up to 10 metres away from my phone. It has made my life better.

I like to have just enough. In the box, I found a warranty card,  a manual, ear buds to fit all ears, a clip and the earphones.

I went for the black pair with rose gold hardware. They’re classy and unnoticeable if I wear them with my hair down. White is a close second choice.

Thats all there is to the earphone. A loop that incorporates the charging unit, the remote control unit and the earpieces.

It is very simple to pair. On bluetooth on device > Press the play/stop button on earphones > Wait for the blue and red light > Pair. It works with my iPhone and it works with my Macbook. Not with my android TV though, sadly, because I can imagine how awesome that would be.

Plug in via the mini USB to charge. When home, I connect either to my macbook or phone charger, when out, I charge with my battery pack. Each charge takes about an hour and gives me around 8 hours of freedom.

The Vasa BLÅ fits into Sudio Sweden’s usual sleek pouch better than any of their other earphones because it’s shorter.

You can opt to receive this summer tote from Sudio Sweden with every online purchase. Mine belongs to Joy now. It’s the perfect size for our library visits and we keep it in the car.

Before making my earphone choices, I check out the color, design and how they look when worn via Instagram. The earphones are very photogenic and there are plenty of great photos on Instagram. I have to let you know that Sudio Sweden has an ongoing Instagram campaign where you can win a pair of earphones for yourself (see card below). Why don’t you try?

Sudio Sweden

Earphones by Sudio Sweden can be purchased online on their webstore at If you like them, now is the best time to purchase because they’re having a summer promotion where you’ll get a 15% off plus 20% tax rebate (makes it a total of about 32% off!) with the code “LOVESUMER”. Sudio Sweden ships by DHL and shipping is always free to Singapore. 14 days no questions asked return policy apply when you purchase through

Other than Sudio’s instagram campaign, I’m giving away a pair of Vasa BLÅ earphones in any color of your choice. Just follow the steps below to win. Best of luck!

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5. The winner will be announced on the blog, my Facebook Page and notified via email.

Disclosure: My Sudio Vasa BLÅ was provided by Sudio Sweden for the purposes of this review. The prize for this giveaway is kindly provided by Sudio. 

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76 Replies to “Sudio Sweden Vasa BLÅ | Beautiful wireless earphones”

  1. I would definitely use this earphones when I go for my runs and marathons! Since it doesn’t need to be connected to my iPod via a wire it’s so fuss free and and I won’t have something pulling my earphones down when I run! Allows me to run at ease!! Not only that, I will be rid of the problem with earphone wire getting entangled on its own with this pair of gorgeous earpiece! Love the rose gold in black! (;

    1. Thats exactly the reason why I decided to review this pair of earphones!

  2. This earpiece is so useful! I always go to the gym and whenever I run on the threadmill its very irritating when the cord of the earpiece moves around together. With this, I don’t have to worry about the distraction the cords cause me! Also when keeping it I won’t need to be afraid that the earpiece tangles!

    1. I know right, tangled cords disrupt my momentum!

  3. Great for having long meetings but as the same time be able to enjoy music on the way to work! This powerhorse is so versatile. Love the blue!

    1. The blue is special, good taste!

  4. YongSheng Sim says: Reply

    I would use this as my daily earpiece as it would definitely sound better compared to the original earpiece from Samsung. Not only will it be convenient to pair, it’ll also not be tangled up whenever I want to use it. Totally in love with the black ones.

    1. Yup, sound quality should be better then default phone earpiece!

  5. I hope to win so that I can give to my significant other. He is always on the go listening to audio books, podcasts and studying. His fav color is black or dark blue.

    1. So sweet! The blue is not a dark blue haha but I’m sure you won’t go wrong with the black!

  6. i have recently started going for jogs with a buddy and jogging with the normal wired earpiece is so inconvenient and uncomfortable! since then, i have been wanting to get one of these but have been procrastinating! hope i can win the black and gold piece, its a perfect colour combination! :)

    1. This one come with earbuds of different sizes, in case the default doesn’t fit you. I found a fit for my daughter, you should be able to find one that won’t drop off when you’re running. I used to jog a lot and earphones dropping off was my pet peeve!

  7. What I like about Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla wireless earphones is the sleek elegant design with good studio quality sound and 8 hours of freedom to enjoy music I like without worrying I will need to fix troublesome tangled wire I always experience on daily basis. Plus how cool is that I can take calls with built in microphone and control phone with the remote and also it’s absolutely compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The stunningly classy rose black gold color has captured my heart and will make every of my OOTD picture looking good! Would be a blessing to win this earphones, to try, share and inspire others who are skeptical about wireless Bluetooth compatible earphones but would like to look chic with tangle free earphones and to rock it out, Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla wireless earphone would be the best choice! ???

    1. Wa you did research ah? Haha

      This is really one of the best bluetooth earphone I have used at that price point, I’m sure you’ll love it.

  8. My favourite colour is Rose Gold Black. I will use it when I go for my regular run and when I use the running track in the gym. I don’t have to worry about my earphone wire being pulled down while enjoying the music. Love life this way!

    1. Agree!

  9. Noorsyahidah Jumat says: Reply

    I will be using the Sudio Vasa BLA earphones during my commute in public transport. Since each charge takes about an hour and gives me around 8 hours of freedom, Sudii Vasa BLA ? earphones is definitely convenient. My favourite color is Pink!!!
    Facebook: Ajeek Syasya
    Instagram: syasya101088

    1. The pink version is an antique pink, super pretty!

  10. It would my lovely companion on my way to and fro work, playing lovely music and allowing me to watch my kdramas with maximum comfort on weekdays. On weekends I can now go for runs at ease with this wireless gadget. Its jus perfect in evwry way. Love the rose gold black piece!

    1. Seems like the rose gold black is very popular!

  11. Cecilia Chng says: Reply

    I would use it on my long and boring journey to and fro work! I love the rose gold black piece.

    1. How long does your journey take? Good luck!

  12. Hi there. Firstly, Thank you for the amazing giveaway : )

    Everyone look at your ear phone and it represents who you are, your values and your personal style and this ‘Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla’ ear phone says it all.
    Morning workout to Relaxing time at night, Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla ear phone would compliment all kind of style.
    I need a versatile ear piece to flaunt my elegance and I believe Sudio Sweden Vasa Blackburn ear piece could do the best!
    Classy, Sporty, Edgy all-in-one *Sudio* ear piece.
    I do not own any branded designer ear phone to compliment my mobile and would love to add this beauty to my collection as my first designer piece.
    I have chosen rose gold black as It would compliment all kinda outfit and accessories and Black can never go wrong!! : )

    FB : Kawsalya Darshini
    Install : @kawsalyathein

    1. You’re welcome! Good luck!

  13. Esther L chng says: Reply

    I would use it for watching movies or listening to music to and fro my long commute to work . I want the rose gold black :)

    1. Do you save movies in your phone or watch it online? I need to learn!

  14. I have a gym room at home. With the Sudio Vasa BLA earphones, I can simply leave my phone on the table, plug the earphones to my ears and I can conveniently do my workout. Gone are the days strapping the phone to with the earphone cables dangling around my arm.

    I love to have the Rose Gold White

    1. So lucky to be able to work out at your convenience! Good luck!

  15. OMG! I totally fall in love with the Rose Gold Black Edition! It’s so classy and very “atas”! What makes me love about VASA BLÅ by Sudio Sweden? It is a light weight wireless earphones which I can use up to 10 metres away from my phone. It’s really easy to use. Just pair it with your phone, press play/stop on the remote and you will get studio quality sound! With the build in microphone, I have no worries about answering phone calls. Also, I don’t have to handle any tangled issue each time I want to use it. Even though it weigh only 14 grams, it came with long life battery. With a full charge, you can use it for 8 hours or 10 hours on standby. Another bonus about VASA BLÅ earphones is the sound signature is delivered by a carefully tuned driver and amplifier that the combination of driver and amplifier is able to separate the sound of every instrument in every song, thereby giving the listener a true studio experience. How awesome is that? I would definitely use it for watching my favorite series and even blast music to my ears while I’m on my way to work! Thank you Estella Goh for this wonderful and generous giveaway. Hope I can win to appreciate this beautiful and sensational earphones.

    1. Good luck!

  16. I absolutely love the blue color! It’s such a vibrant shade, and it fits my personality!! Having this will motivate me to work out more, and appreciate great music more too!

    1. The blue is special. LOL at your workout motivation. Good luck! XD

  17. ashmika jain says: Reply


    Definitely keeping my fingers cross for my better half to let he can enjoy his passion ( Gym & Music ) more pleasantly. Especially he can enjoy his weight lifting session more conveniently without keeping an eye on his earphone wires getting tangled here & there . Earpiece in Rose Gold Black a perfect gift… Txs Estella

    1. So sweet! <3

  18. Ruzaini Roslan says: Reply

    I love the black color the best! This earphones will be perfect because I need a new one right now! Wireless technology FTW :D

    1. LOL most honest answer.

  19. I love the blue earphones! It is a nice shade of blue, and it fits my personality the most! Would love to win them, to use in the gym, at home, or when hanging outdoors!

  20. I would use Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones when i am working out at home! This is perfect because my phone battery currently got problem, cannot use for long like reach 90% will auto off and claim that it had 0% but when charging and power up it always show a different percentage. So my phone had to be constantly charging if i wanna use it. I am refusing to carry a portable charger or blast loud speaker while working out so had to work out with no music which kinda doesn’t give me the extra boost from music! After i get my battery problem fixed, Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones will still be perfect for my jogging and cycling session! Favourite color is Rose Gold Black!

    1. Constantly charging causes problem to the battery if i’m not wrong but I can feel your pain. Good luck!

  21. Watching my k drama that I am very hooked on now when the kids are asleep
    I totally love pink

    1. You know what haha I also watch whatever I want while the kid is asleep. Very useful haha

  22. Such sleek design! Would love to use in during my long bus/train rides and basically anywhere with it! Rose black gold would be perfect for all occasion!

    1. Good luck!

  23. Simple, yet elegant. 10/10 wins in terms of convinience and portability (easy storing because it’s wireless). Always love the black and gold color.

    1. Yeah, I thought the design was really clever.

  24. Wish to win and can use it while look after my 2 monster. Is usefull for me totally

    1. Useful for moms, yup!

  25. I like Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones because it’s wireless, lightweight and I don’t have to worry on tangled wire. With long battery life, I can enjoy my music for hours on the go and great for jogging.
    Colour: Rose Gold Black

    1. Good luck!

  26. I would be using it for my brisk walking as had surgery on leg unable to jog for sometime, need those wireless earphone for hassle and tangle free without the need to keep fussing over those wire. I will be walking to and fro from home to market and loves some of my favourite music to accompany me and perk me up and gives me the drive. Rose Gold Black will be the preferred and perfect one to own. Timeless and chic to go with anything.

    1. Hope you’re feeling better mentally and get well soon physically!

  27. Michelle Ang says: Reply

    My favourite colour is Rose Gold Black. I will definitely use it anytime and anywhere I go! Like when travelling, I will listen to music using Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphone. Like when going exercise, I will listen to music using Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphone!

    1. Good luck!

  28. My favorite color is Rose Gold Black. I will use it when I go for my daily jobs nightly, watch movies and dramas when travelling on the MRT and bus, and also I will use it to watch movies and dramas at home.

    1. I like taking public transport because of the time available to do stuff sometimes!

  29. Toh lay hoon says: Reply

    My favourite colour pink, I bring it out while watching for my boy school dismissed. Definitely won’t be so boring while while waiting alone.

    Fb name Toh lay hoon
    IG @layhoon.toh

    1. Hopefully its a short wait for you. Good luck.

  30. To motivate me when i am hiking.
    Rose Gold Black

    1. Wow hiking. Unusual hobby in Singapore!

  31. I be using the Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones for my daily entertainment – listening my favourite songs, videos, playing online games. It’d be great sound base & love the features as well. My favourite color definitely Rose Gold Black.

    1. :) Good luck!

  32. I am loving blue color and would definitely be using it on my tablet and iPhone when I play games and watch movies. Hope to win it as my birthday present next month

  33. Koh Hock Guan says: Reply

    I will be using the Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones to listen to my favourite music from Spotify on my iPhone. My favourite color is Rose Gold Black.

  34. Just 2 weeks ago, I was looking for a wireless earphones for sports & general use. Have been using my in-ear Klipsch earphones for some time but as much as I love my noise isolation earphones, I’m constantly irritated with my tangled up wires (I’m a very messy person who just dumps everything into my bag). Was searching through stores like Challenger and various sports shop but couldn’t find one that looks good and is affordable.

    When I saw your ig post on these Sudio Sweden earphones, it was pretty much love at first sight. The classy rose gold colours caught my eye. It was the perfect one that I was looking for – having good sound quality, lightweight & one that shines with most gorgeous colour combination. Most importantly, I won’t be afraid of dangling wires when using the spin machine or treadmill during gym.

    Am torn between the black & blue colour of the Vasa BLÅ but like you, I think I’ll go for the very gorgeous Rose Gold Black and thank goodness I’m an apple user. Anyway, thank you Estella for the detailed review of this baby.

  35. Tan huixiu Adeline says: Reply

    I love the studio vasa bla earphones for its design, being wireless and lightweight. I would use it daily to listen to my favourite songs, watching videos and movies. Rose gold black os my favourite colour.

  36. I enjoy watching youtube, movies, dramas all day & all night long during my off days so I will use it on my tablet & handphone so that I won’t disturb my family members as they always complain its too loud.
    All the colors are very pretty & I love Rose Gold Black.

  37. I will be using the earpiece to listen to songs and watch movies and play online games every morning and night when travelling on the long mrt and bus journey to and fro from home to work.
    My favorite color will be pink.

  38. My favourite colour would have to be the Rose Gold Black! Because i am going for my student exchange soon, i would love to have a new earpiece to bring with me so that i can travel around and listen to music on-the-go. With such a versatile and classy earpiece, listening to music would be super convenient and I would no longer have to worry about how my wires would get tangled up especially when i am packing them into my travel bag!

  39. Will be using it for online gaming and watching dramas. I love Rose Gold Black color cos it won’t get dirty easily.

  40. luah moi kee says: Reply

    I would use it to watch my dramas during my long commute to work,
    My favourite colour will be black because it goes with everything I wear

    thank you very much

  41. Wow this is such a beautifully crafted earpiece. The wireless earpiece is so convenient for any occasion. Sick and tired of untying knots from the wires. My pocket is a master at tying knots. The earpiece’s flat wire design really solves all that.

  42. I would like to use this earphones when I go for my jog! I jog regularly like 5 times a week to keep fit. Sudio earphones will be my perfect running companion Love the rose gold in black! thank you

  43. I will be using the Sudio Vasa earphones to listen to my favourite music when I do my workout in the gym. music perk me up and keep me going. My favourite color is Rose Gold Black.

    thank you very much for this awesome giveaway

  44. This earphone is such a convenient one that I can use it wherever I go! Especially when days I go to gym or running, it saves the hassle of having earpiece being tangled or having to hold onto it. I really like the rose gold black one! :)

  45. lavender Teo says: Reply

    I will use it for watching my favourite K-drama during mrt ride to work! I love all
    the colors which are very pretty especially the Rose Gold Black which is so classy

  46. It would my trusty traveling companion when I listen to music on my way to work! Hope to win the rose gold black !

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