The strategic death of my fat cells by freezing | CoolSculpting at Halley Medical Aesthetics

In September, I went through a round of fat freezing at Halley Medical Aesthetics and I’ve gone away with a lot to share about the process, including details like what clothing you could pick for the treatment and more importantly how it feels during and after the treatment.

But first, lets recap.

What is CoolSculpting? 

What I learnt from my consultation with Dr Terence Tan are that:

1. From the age of 5 years old, our body no longer produces new fat cells whether we gain weight or lose weight over time.

2. We can permanently reduce the number of fat cells (as opposed to their size) by freezing.

3.  This way, you can target fat cells reduction at specific, desired areas and effectively shape what you can see on your body as desired.

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The device that we will be using for fat freezing is known as CoolSculpting. What it does is to freeze fat cells by way of Cryolipolysis, which is a medical treatment that kills stubborn fat cells with precise and controlled freezing that will not affect the skin.

What to wear for Cool Sculpting Treatment

Bear in mind that during treatment, a gel pad will be placed over the treatment area to protect your skin. The clinic assistants will make sure to protect your clothes but you may want to wear comfortable, loose clothing on treatment day.

Halley Medical Aesthetics will provide a tank top and shorts (a single layer can be quite see through, if you are uncomfortable, you can ask for more layers) for treatment but I chose to wear my own bra top for ease of movement and to facilitate photograph taking as well as a low cut pair of shorts, since my treatment areas were to be at my upper and lower tummy. A photo reference can be found later on in this post.

The treatment room was of optimal temperature to me, but if you are feeling too cold or too warm, you can ask for the room temperature to be adjusted. They have robes for you as well, so I feel that there is no real need to bring a warmer outer wear, unless you feel the need to cover up.

Basically, that is all the preparation you need to do to receive the CoolSculpting Treatment.

The Cool Sculpting Treatment Process

1. Pre-treatment Measurements

I was ushered to a room to take my weight, height, blood pressure and body measurements. This pre-treatment assessment is to re-confirm my suitability for the treatment.

2.  2nd Consultation

I met with Dr. Terence Tan again, and he re-confirmed my treatment areas. He explained the treatment process to me once again and informed me that I would be treated with the CoolAdvantage applicator, one of the latest applicators, which would target a bigger surface area while reducing my treatment time by nearly half to just 35 minutes.

His clinic has two CoolSculpting machines which can shorten treatment time even more by using two applicators at the same time. I was prescribed four CoolAdvantage applicators to treat my tummy but Dr. Terence Tan highlighted that, for the best effect, it is necessary for me to receive treatment on areas that are overlapping and hence, we can only work on one area at a time.

3.  Getting ready to receive treatment

We moved to the treatment room next, where I changed and was asked to fill in a form to confirm my understanding of the treatment and indicate my consent. (Here, you can see how I dressed for treatment)

With the photographs of the treatment areas taken during my earlier consultation as reference, specific areas were then marked out for treatment.

4.  The treatment itself

I was given ample warning before a cooling gel was applied on my treatment areas, after which a patented gel-pad was applied over it to protect my skin. The gel-pad felt cool to the skin but did not shock.

Before we started on treatment, Dr. Terence Tan showed me the old CoolSculpting applicator and the new CoolAdvantage applicator to explain the difference. While the previous one looked deeper, the actual surface that freezes fat cells is significantly smaller than the CoolAdvantage applicator.

Moving on, the CoolAdvantage applicator was applied over the treatment area and supported by cushions thereafter to ensure that they stay in position throughout the treatment.

For me, the level of discomfort varies with the treatment areas. When the applicator was applied on my lower tummy, I felt a suction and then bearable coldness and that was all – I had little to no discomfort. However, when the applicator was applied on my upper tummy, I felt a dull disabling ache. Throughout the process I was happily chatting with Mandy, Dr. Terence Tan’s assistant who accompanied me and watched out for me in the room. I was unable to talk for a few minutes after the applicator was applied on my upper tummy and we only resumed conversation when I became numb from the freezing.

I was covered up snuggly with a blanket after each application and given a call bell, in case there was anything I needed. I didn’t use the call bell at all because I was having a good chat with Mandy and she took really good care of me.

After each treatment area was completed, Mandy massaged the treatment area for around 3-5 minutes (estimated). I told Mandy (who is known to be merciless at massaging) not to go soft on me because the massage helps to breakdown the crystallised dead fat cells after treatment.

I did 4 overlapping treatment areas that day. It took me 35 minutes each with additional minutes in between for removing the gel pad, massaging and applying the applicator on the next area. It would have taken me 1 hour just on treatment alone with the traditional applicator.

Post Treatment

Immediately after each treatment, I experienced skin redness that went away in a while. There is truly no downtime that can be seen but I had a peculiar feeling on my treatment areas the next day – I felt like a waterbed with mild pins and needles. It felt like there is a layer of liquid right under my skin moving around as I moved and whenever I touch my tummy, there was a mild pins and needle sensation.

I understand that most people feel the pins and needle sensation. For me, the waterbed feeling lasted for a week or slightly more, while the pins and needle sensation lasted for around 2 weeks, gradually reducing in the 3rd week. By the 4th week, everything felt normal again.

My overall experience of CoolSculpting

I do not expect immediate results as it takes up to 3 months for the destroyed fat cells to be passed out of my body naturally. However, from the 3rd week onwards, I felt like there was some slight changes to my treatment areas.

My band had a song which made it to the finals of a local songwriting competition. It happened sometime around the 3rd week after my CoolSculpting treatment and I picked a lower-body hugging mini skirt to wear while performing. I was surprised to able to achieve a satisfactory shape, although I only expected results three months after treatment, even if it was not quite what I wanted to achieve yet. Overall, I’m glad I went through with the treatment. I believe that better results will be seen in the days ahead.

In my next post, I will be sharing about my verdict day (which will happen around 3 months after my treatment) with photo comparisons to show you if the CoolSculpting treatment had been effective, or not. Meanwhile, heres a short video of my CoolSculpting process if you’d like to have a better idea of the entire process. Warning: Gross fat bits ahead.

If you go for CoolSculpting treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics, their contact details are as below, and information on their body contouring programs can be found in this link.

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Tel: 6737 8233 |
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