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Food delivery services are easily available but I tend to like to patronise small businesses directly. My band had an overnight gathering and we’re a hungry bunch, so I decided to try out Shepherd’s Pie Singapore.

They offer next day delivery of beef or chicken shepherd’s pies in  4 flavours:

Black Pepper

And 3 different sizes:

Massive – Up to 4 shepherd’s pie lover
Medium – Up to 2 shepherd’s pie lover
Mini – Single serving

Since I was also working with them on a review, although Shepherd’s Pie Singapore does have indication of the number of pax for each pie size they sell but I ordered the pies in every size available, to be able to have a personal gauge.

We realised the Shepherd’s pie to be very filling and around 6 of us shared the Massive pie in order to finish it. I’m guessing that the medium can feed 3 pax actually while the small portion is good for 1.

Delivery wise, my order was huge and the destination was rather far away. My order was slightly late, but props to Shepherd’s Pie Singapore for considering if we wanted some of the pies to come unbaked. That was helpful indeed for a huge gathering of people like ours, since there were bound to be some of us who had to come at a later time.

When the pies arrived, they were still warm to touch and we had them after I took some shots. Everyone said they tasted like curry puff. I agree but it makes sense why as well – generally potatoes + seasoning + meat is likely to taste very similar. Not undermining the recipe though, I understand that they have had gone through rounds of research and fine tuned the same until they were happy with it since they were established in 2011.

Heres the bottom view of an individual pie. In terms of generosity, I think that Shepherd’s Pie Singapore is doing pretty well.

Shepherd’s pie is a dish that requires a lot of work. For that, as well as the amount of ingredients in the pie, I might order again for convenience.

Shepherd’s Pie Singapore
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Delivery Fee: $7, or free with a minimum order of $70

Disclosure: All shepherd’s pie in this post were sponsored for the purposes of review.

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