Sanrio Hello Kitty Town | The new Candy Parade and our trip back by Public Bus

Media Invite

It was our first time at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour Johor and we were there to preview the all-new original Candy Parade, an entirely original 25-minute music and dance medley featuring Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel and friends.

Notice that the girls were on the hover boards in heels? Amazing balancing skills!

This show is wholly produced by the in house entertainment team and is available no where else in the world except for Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour Johor. It’s not your usual sing and dance mascot parade but a interactive performance which starts with the performers coming in on on roller blades and hover boards, pushing carts fully loaded with candies to distribute.

The Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel come in from the entrance of Hello Kitty Town led by their friends. What’s nice is that throughout the performance, I find that they are interacting with the audience on the ground more than they are on stage and you can get really, really up close to them. That and the sheer number of performers created a high energy environment that got me flushed with excitement.

The stage is super girly and pink with dry ice smoke coming out from the sides at times. The mascots do a good job at moving from one area to the other so that audience from every angle facing the stage are not left out of the fun. However, I believe this is likely to be a popular show at Hello Kitty Town and I highly recommend positioning yourself earlier in front of the stage to get the best view of the show.

Here’s a snippet of the show for sharing:

I’ve also broadcasted the parade on Rings.Live, an app where you can watch what’s happening live and ask me questions or interact with me! The broadcast is mainly in Mandarin but you’ll be able to view the entire show as well as see some of the behind the scenes at the event. Click on the photo below to watch :)

Showtimes for the Candy Parade are as follows:

Weekdays: 4.30pm
Weekends: 2pm & 5pm


Did you know? SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN at Puteri Habour is the first of its kind outside of Japan. Attractions some of the attractions include:

Kitty House

A walk-through of Hello Kitty’s Home where there are photo ops aplenty! You will also be briefed by facilitators on the activity or task to be completed within Hello Kitty’s Home.  It was so pretty that I did a live broadcast while walking through as well and you can watch the Rings.Live broadcast by clicking on the photo below!

Wishful Studio

Where you can create your own Hello Kitty souvenirs, cookies or play dress up as your favourite character.

Teacup Ride

A tea cup ride decked entirely in super cutesy decorations!

Indoor Playground


1. Opening Hours

10 am to 6pm daily

2. Ticketing

It costs RM125 for a two-park pass and RM85 for a single-park pass (Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or The Little Big Club). I recommend the two-park passes because you might as well have fun at the Little Big Club since you are there and ticket price for entry is not even twice of the price for one park.

If you will be there from 12 March 2017 to 26 March 2017, there is now an online travel fair where tickets are heavily discounted. The price for a pair of tickets is now just a little over the price of one ticket. Click HERE to purchase!

If you are a Johor resident watch out for special priced All Park Pass tickets at RM65.00 for access to BOTH SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and Thomas Town at Puteri Harbour. These will be available at special events throughout the year and announced on the Facebook Pages of SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and Thomas Town respectively, so keep a look out for these.

Lastly, if you’re going to the MATTA Fair at Putra World Trade Centre in KL, look out for promotions relating to Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.

3. Driving Directions from Singapore

It’s quite easy to drive in from Singapore via the TUAS second link.  After clearing customs, proceed to Nusajaya and take exit 312 (Nusajaya) and then follow the signboards to Puteri Harbour. Parking at the theme park is free and ample.

4. Directions by other modes of transport

There is a comprehensive list of directions on the SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and Thomas Town website HERE.

We have always driven in to Puteri Harbour area but this time round we didn’t return to Singapore with the rest of the invited Singapore media. I have a personal experience on travelling back to Singapore by public bus with Joy to share, since some of the audience on Rings.Live asked about it. Travelling back by is actually really simple, especially if you are staying at Hotel Jen Puteri Habour. Here’s how:

1. Pre-book a free shuttle bus at the baggage counter at Hotel Jen Puteri Habour to travel to Medini Mall, close to Legoland (There are shuttle busses to and fro Hotel Jen to Medini Mall, that means you can easily visit Legoland as well and vice versa if you’re staying at Legoland). Departure times are as follows. I didn’t read carefully and hence didn’t book so we took a taxi to Medini Mall.

2. At the drop off point at Medini Mall, check the timetable or ask the concierge for the next public bus to Singapore. We took CW7 to go to Jurong East / Boon Lay (you can choose when you have cleared the Singapore Customs).

She is sulky because we just missed a bus!

We returned to Singapore late afternoon on a Saturday and were the only ones on the bus other than another Singaporean family. The bus was not smelly nor unbearable, on the contrary, it was comfortable and spacious.

3.  Clear the Malaysian Customs and board either CW3 or CW4  (you will be able to see them right after clearing the customs). This time the buses were slightly filled and had a slight smell, but the journey to the Singapore Customs was short so it was bearable.

4. Clear the Singapore Customs and go find the “Causeway Link” Buses at the bus interchange. You can then choose to head to Jurong East or Boon Lay.

5. Accommodation

I recommend Hotel Jen, Puteri Harbour, which is located right next to the theme park. They have some rooms fully decorated to the Hello Kitty Theme and they are really, really pretty! A stay at Hotel Jen is very comfortable and convenient, even if you stayed in the deluxe rooms, so I highly recommend it.

Hello Kitty Rooms at Hotel Jen

Some of the Hello Kitty Themed rooms have extremely beautiful harbour views, if you’ll like to have a look them, go to my broadcast on Rings.Live by clicking on the room photos above!

A deluxe Room at Hotel Jen

6. Check out the entertainment schedule before hand and be there about 5-10 minutes early. This is the current one!

You can also find me here:



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