Regaining my body contours | Cool Sculpting consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics

As someone who has been thin and close to being underweight for most of my life, weight gains and shape change were the last of my worries. Even pregnancy did not change that. In fact, I weighed less after pregnancy and looked thinner than before.

These photos were taken around 3 years post childbirth.

Until aging and lifestyle changes caught up with me. A slower metabolism from aging plus significantly less exercise due to driving everywhere instead of taking the public transport, as well as an unchecked diet led to a massive size change for me.

I have no obsession with the weighing scales – I do not care about the numbers. However I am conscious about my shape, especially after I started live streaming on various platforms,  where one’s proportion gets magnified significantly. What you may not know, is that over the years, I’ve learnt how to mask my real body shape, to look somewhat presentable when I have to. However, even that does not work now.

I have only 2 options in the circumstances – either I work to regain my shape or I let it deteriorate. I choose to work on it. Exercise and a good sustainable diet is the way to go to maintain a healthy body but I am glad that help is available to fast track my progress.

I read a lot about CoolSculpting by Zeltiq online. It is a non invasive fat cell reduction treatment by way of freezing. It was ideal for me since my ultimate goal is an attractive body shape. While the treatment is available at various aesthetic clinics, I decided to see Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics because the clinic is located conveniently at Orchard Gateway and photographed progress of reviews I found online were impressive.

My visit to Halley Medical Aesthetics was a comfortable experience which started right at the reception. I was first given a form to fill them in on my health conditions, before being ushered into a private room for measurements, weight and blood pressure taking.

My consultation with Dr Terence Tan was very light hearted. He is humorous and kind, so I felt at ease to confide in him on my body issues. Photos of my problem areas were personally taken by Dr Terence Tan, so that we can visualise which areas to work on.

Dr Terence Tan noted that I should not lose any more weight, because then, I would become underweight. Hence weight loss programs are not suitable for me and I should aim for body contouring instead. His opinion was that my arms, thighs and sides are not much of a concern and we should focus on my tummy area for significant improvements to my overall shape.

CoolSculpting specifically addresses stubborn fats that persists. Dr Terence Tan explained how CoolSculpting works in detail, so that I would have a complete understanding.

To put it simply, we each have a fixed number of fat cells in our body and what CoolSculpting does is to :

1. Reduce the number of fat cells (instead of just their size)

2. Target the reduction of fat cells at specific, desired areas

The outcome I visualize is a proportionate shape, even if my fat cells do become bigger from fat gain in future. That is my real, ultimate aim – proportion is everything.

Do check back if you are keen to follow my progress and read about my experiences of the CoolSculpting Treatment at Halley Medical Asthestics. If you are already thinking of going for CoolSculpting with Halley Medical Aesthetics, their contact details are as below, and information on their body contouring programs can be found in this link.

Address: 277 Orchard Road #03-15 , Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Tel: 6737 8233 |
FB & IG: @halleymedicalaesthetics


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