Oishii Japan 2015 | A package of Japanese seasonal produce and prefecture specialities for $4

Did you know that Shochu…

  • Is 1.5 times more effective than red wine in unblocking arteries?
  • Contains between 25% to 27% alcohol content, much higher than Sake?
  • Has sugar removed and so it’s a low calorie alcoholic beverage?
  • Can be enjoyed in many different ways, enjoyed hot or cold, and adjusted to suit your alcohol content preference without losing it’s flavour?

I’m not familiar with Shouchu, so I didn’t know but we had Masanao Nishida San at the preview of Oishii Japan 2015 and he educated us passionately on the drink.`

For the record, I went for the preview of Oishii Japan 2015 because I wanted a sneak peek of some of the Japanese products that will be on showcase at this year’s Oishii Japan exhibition, not because I was told that it would be a Shouchu drinking session. Nope. #alcoholicanonymous

We did get to try a number of Shouchu. One of them is this cocktail, concerted especially for Oishii Japan and named Sakura Green. Made with sweet potato Shouchu from the Kagoshima prefecture, Green Tea and Cherry Blossom Syrup, a cocktail is supposed to be the recommended way to start getting acquainted with Shouchu.

We sampled three other Shochu types, all form the Kagoshima prefecture with ice, warm water and neat. If you are interested to know, here are the Shouchu we sampled. I enjoyed Setsuma Okojyo neat most.

  1. Setsuma Okojyo by Yamamoto Shuzo, a Shouchu made from sweet potato and rice koji
  2. Shifuku no Tousui by by Yamamoto Shuzo a Shouchu made from barley and barley koji
  3. Tekkan by Ogatama Shuzo, a Shouchu made from sweet potato and rice koji

As a preview for Oishii Japan 2015, where a huge tuna from Ehime Prefecture would be cut on site, we got to watch by Chef Igarashi Takahito of Lewin Terrace prepare seabass carparccio live.

Oishii Japan 2015 is a great opportunity to check out seasonal produce and specialities from different prefecture specialities, just like how we were served with this Amadai fish dish. The spikes on our fish was fried fish scales, similar to prawn shell and they are actually delicious!

We also had this Yuzu dessert. I know not what it is, except that it contains Shochu. It was smooth and creamy and tasted like a mouthful of Yuzu cheese. The mint was a refreshing touch – perfect compliment.

I love surprises and the media goodie bag was indeed one. I imagine it would feel the same at the public experience of Oishii Japan, full of surprises!

R to L: Japanese Rice Cracker “Puchi Kabukiage” Shichimi Flavor , Moomin Valley Biscuit Milk Flavour, and Imoshoku Sweet Potato. The best way I can describe the rice cracker is that it tastes like dried chili crackers. The milk biscuits had a light milky fragrance and the Sweet Potatos were sweeeeet.


If you don’t like surprises, I can let you in on some of what you can find at the public experience of Oishii Japan. Watch out for Kyoto Beef Miyabi Sirloin, Jyounamagasi (Japanese Sweets), and a Frozen Sushi Bar, just to name a few.

Other event highlights include:

  • Food Technologies, such as the world’s smallest NigiriSushi machine
  • Shochu Tasting for 36 varieties of Honkaku Shochu(本格焼酎) and Awamori Shochu(泡盛),
  • Rare experience of live tuna-cutting demonstration
  • Various cooking demonstrations

If you would like to experience Oishii Japan for yourself, please take note of the following event details!

Oishii Japan 2015

Date & opening hours
Trade visitors : 22-23 October 2015, 10.00am to 5.30pm daily
Public experience : 24 October 2015, 11.00am to 4.30pm

Halls 405-406, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Trade visitors enjoy complimentary admission when they register online at www.oishii-world.com/en by 19 October 2015. Registration is now open. On-site registration is at S$20 per person.

Public can purchase tickets at S$4 per person. Admission is free for children 12 years and below. Tickets can be purchased at www.oishii-world.com/en.

For more information, please visit www.oishii-world.com/en.

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