My father and his Joy

My father is not very young, he is still working as a taxi driver and his hours are unusual. Wake at 3am, gets out at 4am and comes home from work in the afternoon, depending on how good or bad business is. Given his hours, he normally needs to be asleep by 6pm but whenever his Joy visits he stays up later to play with her, go for walks with her, hug her and talk to her.

This is a series of photos I took last night, at around 9pm. Way past his bedtime. :D

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8 Replies to “My father and his Joy”

  1. So sweet! You captured the moment so so well!

    1. Thank you, I had some luck as well! :D

  2. Lovely B & W pictures.

    1. Thank you!

  3. A child always has a sweet spot in their grandparents’ hearts. Beautiful moments captured :)

    1. I think so! Don’t remember my dad being so tender with us hehe.

  4. Oh precious, Grandpas are so special xx

    1. Agree!

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