Joy is Five

Dear Joy,

This year, Daddy and I figured out what we should give you as a present for the rest of your life – A lifetime of adventure. Sounds fancy, but we mean it in the most down to earth way possible – we’re going to work very hard, to give you different life experiences, including the things that can be bought with money and the things that cannot be bought with money.

The time you and I spend together in the mornings are our daily gifts to you, me by staying home and Daddy by working super super hard. The time we spend cooking meals and doing home chores are my gifts to you, so that you will one day be truly, really independent.

Remember the times we spent eating ice-cream by the balcony and looking at the gorgeous evening skies we get so very often, remember the times we spent laughing our heads off at the silliest things, remember all the secrets we have between us and remember the special days with mama every week.

Time is our daily gift to you.

I hope that you continue to be like you are now – filled with over even the smallest of things and filled with for the world that you live in and the little animals you adore. It is only when you have that much real joy and and love for things that surround you everyday that you will find true happiness. You will discover that life is not meant to be just about you.

I hope that you will stay brave. Grow to learn that bowing your head is not a sign of weakness and grow to learn when to hold your head high even in the face of pressure and uncertainty. Grow to be strong inside, as you grow to be strong outside.


I hope that you grow up to be a real influencer, spreading your joy to people, feeling happy for others when they receive something good in life and encouraging them to go out of their comfort zones when the opportunity presents itself to them.


I let 30 over years go by before I learnt what are the small things in life to let go of but I think you’re doing well for five years old. This year, we almost didn’t get you a cake that gave you more joy than the usual, and your dress was from last year, but you seem to understand that cakes, presents and other small things that have some kind of hold over us are not a matter of life and death. Birthdays are special days that occur each year but bringing you up and giving you all that we have is our daily commitment. Daddy and I give you all the love in the world and all the time that we can give.

Happy Birthday Joy, now you are five! ❤

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