Happy Weekend!

Do you travel vicariously through your friends? I do! Especially since many of mine are wanderers. They describe the things they see, the food they taste and the encounters they had and made it seem like I was travelling with them. Last week, my friend Jonathan went to Australia and he sent gorgeous photos to our group chat. You’re looking at one of them!

This week, I mailed out our band’s application to busk in the streets! Yes! Did you know that you have to go through a workshop and an audition to be considered for a licence to busk in the streets? Many of our friends are already busking, we’re kind of late to the game! Licence to many of the good locations are already taken but we still found a few which we could go for, where we know there is likely to be a good crowd to engage. Crossing our fingers that we pass the audition!

Before we move into locations which may be nearer to you, I’m looking forward to a gig with Live, Oh Life! at the Ark Cafe because we have a full band situation! We missed having a live audience and if you’re keen to catch us live on 6 MAY 2017 ( Today!), from 8.30pm – 10.30pm here:

The Ark 木船
470 North Bridge Road
Bugis Cube
Singapore 188735

Reservations hotline: 96580355

A friend of mine found out that she needed an procedure to remove some cells from her cervix to avert the risk of cancer. It was a wake up call for me. I made an appointment right away with the Singapore Cancer Society because they provide a number of free cancer screenings for Singaporeans and PRs, including Pap Smear, Mammogram (for Chas holders), and Faecal Immunochemial Test (FIT) (for 50 years and above). I also found a step guide on how to conduct self breast examination on the website!

After more than 5 years of motherhood, I am going on a no kids, no partners trip with my friends in July to Bangkok! We have no check in baggage allowance and the plan is to bring a bag pack with necessities and an empty cabin sized luggage. I’m picking my backpack from Gaston Luga and hoping that they won’t be too big for my frame. Their Clässic backpacks are my favourite design, guess which color I picked?

Are you on Dayre? Other than using it to microblog, I use Dayre almost daily to read #dayretravels in preparation of my upcoming trips, #taobao to source for reviews of items from the shopping store and more recently, #dayrebeauty to up my skincare game, because this year is about self care.

Through #dayrebeauty, I discovered Dayrean @pgtxl (whom I am not acquainted with) who is a Cosmetic Science Student. She discusses interesting topics about skin care, such as:

Information about active ingredients
are SLS & SLES safe??
How does acne occur?
guide to sun protection (there are a total of 6 parts to it)
How do moisturisers work?
Do stretch mark creams work?
exfoliation and collagen
Guide to skin whitening
Parabens are innocent!

As a general rule, regardless of the background of the writer, it is always good to do your own research before buying into what is shared, but the topics she covered on her Dayre brought up a lot of curiosity in me. I am a geek in the sense that I really like to understand how cosmetics work scientifically, so I did a lot of reading up for knowledge.

If you access the link to her username on a laptop, you can see a flow of the topics she discussed about. I’m recommending a read!

How cool is this this Judge! I especially liked it that he forced a drunk driver to look at the bodies of two victims of a drunk driving accident! Morbid but I think that such punishments could be more effective than jail time and fines. I wish we could give our Judges discretion to make such judgments.

This mathematics teacher started posting videos online in 2012 for a student who was sick with cancer and missing a lot of school. Subsequently he continued to post his videos on his youtube channel, WooTube, to explain complex mathematics concepts  for anyone to access on his youtube channel for free. This guy is contributing to the world!

This story restored my faith in humanity very close to home.

I’m going to put up snippets and interesting reads I came across on a weekly basis. If I manage to keep this up, I’ll think of a feature name and have it pinned to the side bar!

That’s all I have this week! Happy Weekend!

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