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In September last year, I made a decision to try out a fat freezing treatment known as CoolSculpting with Dr. Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics, because my body shape situation was really getting out of hand (read about my consultation). To summarise, it wasn’t a weight problem. My BMI was within the healthy range and I would be underweight if I lose any more weight. But really a dire situation of having too much accumulated fats around my tummy from a sedentary lifestyle (Drive everywhere, sit down a lot, can’t get myself started on exercise and love food. Sounds familiar?).

What is CoolSculpting? It is the only fat-freezing procedure that is US FDA approved. This procedure is non-surgical and it utilises a process of controlled cooling to crystallise (freeze) stubborn body fat, which removes 20-25% of the fat cells on the area treated. These fat cells will then be passed out of the body naturally.

The results are not immediate since the body needs time to naturally process the crystallised fat and eliminate them. Some people may see a difference within a span of weeks while others experience a more drastic change by the third month. You will see a more sculpted you, as the fat cells are gone for good.

If you are interested in the actual CoolSculpting treatment process, here is a documentation of my CoolSculpting experience, together with tips on how to prep for it.

So did it work for me? My clothing started to fit better at around 3 to 4 weeks after treatment, where I also watched my diet closely.  Towards the year end however, I gave in to the foodie in me. I enjoyed my favourite food freely at parties and also during my vacation spree. Just as well isn’t it? We’ll really be able to gauge how effective the process is even if one had feasted in abundance like me.

November 2017 | While holidaying in Macau


December 2017 | While on staycation in Sentosa


January 2018 | Taken for my girlfriends, who asked me if CoolSculpting works.


Feb 18 | Before and after comparison at the clinic when I was having my final review with Dr. Terence Tan. After CoolSculpting, my waist circumference reduced by 3cm and percentage body fat dropped from 29.1% to 28.7%.

I’m pretty amazed myself looking at the photos above. Its obvious that I was much bulkier before and while I do not have a washboard tummy still, the change is remarkable! I’m sure the results would have been better if I had watched my diet / continued to exercise but considering that I had gone through zero lifestyle sacrifices, I’m really pleased with the results!

My CoolSculpting treatment was done with Dr. Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics. If you are keen, their contact details are as below, and information on their body contouring programs can be found in this link.

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Website: www.halley.com.sg
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