Green Living in Simple Ways

Before, I’ve never thought about how my choice of furniture can go towards green living efforts, but I’ve learnt a good lesson ever since we moved. Picking furniture that can be used for multiple purposes is a small step towards green living. Think about the raw materials you wouldn’t be using, think about the space you will be freeing up and, think about the money you will save.

I picked our furniture carefully and considered how many different ways they can be used. It can be a tall order, if you want furniture to look good and be versatile at the same time, but I did manage to find furniture like that. Some of our most versatile buys are our  FROSTA stools and the FLISAT children’s stools. from IKEA, which we use in 4 ways.

As seats

My dining set is customised but I didn’t buy matching chairs. We have six FROSTA stools as additional seating when we have guests. They can be stowed under the table when not in use, or stacked up in the store room.

As a miniature table set

I noticed the cute little tables and chairs at the children’s dining area when Joy first entered pre-school and it occurred to me to imagine how it would feel to have to eat, drink, write or work on a chair and table set that is way bigger than you and uncomfortable to access.

We use one of our FROSTA stools as a table for Joy and one of our FLISAT stools as a seat. Joy uses it for a light supper (see top picture), to help me out in the kitchen or as a small drawing table. The height proportion is just right for her!

As a coffee table

A coffee table is one of the things I put off buying because its one piece of furniture that would firstly, take up space in our living room, secondly, be a magnet for mess we wouldn’t clean up immediately and lastly, be cumbersome to move around should we need extra space.

It has worked so far, for us to use the  FROSTA stools as a coffee table. When friends come around, I can have multiple “coffee tables” around the house without having a permanent resident in my living room. Sometimes, I also eat my lunch on a FROSTA stool in front of the TV while I learn my songs.

As a step stool

Our FROSTA stools are also a step stool for the adults and the FLISAT stool is one for Joy. All you need to do the next time you want to seat on these stools, is to clean the tops.

We use the FROSTA stools whenever we need to reach for anything and Joy uses the FLISAT stool to stand taller when we’re cooking, to hang up the laundry and to give her support when she seats at our dining table – our furniture are meant for everyone at home.

It’s true, I could have used any tall stool or small stool for these purposes but the thing that sealed the deal for me is how the FROSTA  and FLISAT stools come in a natural wood finish and how affordable they are.

I was invited to the IKEA ‘Sustainable Living at home’ house warming party at this year’s Green Living Event and received more ideas on sustainable Green Living at home, so hop over to the IKEA Sustainable Home photo album on my Facebook page to be inspired!

Also, go to the Green Life @ Home event at IKEA stores tomorrow to learn more on building a suitable green home and enjoy free breakfast when you present your IKEA Family Card, free food for children, spin & win, double points and credits as well as popcorn and candy floss. More details of promotions here. 


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  1. Lovely photos and love the different colours of the wood! That little stool is so cute, imma gonna have to go to IKEA soon :D

  2. I prefer to live like that too!

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