Family Market on HonestBee | How to save 10-30% and more on household products


HonestBee has a new Family Market store and it is now very much cheaper to buy household and family products from it!

I order groceries online at least once a week, to take away the chore of lugging heavy groceries home, save the time of making a trip and queueing at the supermarket, and enjoy special promotions. It usually costs exactly the same, or even cheaper to buy groceries online, plus delivery is free when I hit the minimum spend amount. With the new Family Market on HonestBee, there is even more incentive for me to buy groceries online!

As a fellow online grocery shopper, I asked some very specific questions about the New Family Market, so that I could share them with you.

What is the difference between buying from supermarkets on Honest Bee and buying from Family Market on Honest Bee?

We can buy household products from other supermarkets on HonestBee as well, but I found out that the most attractive difference between the two is the price. Let me show you examples, take special note of the price comparison between the same products on Family Mart and on a major supermarket over a range of different household products.




Milk Powder

Body Care

I even tried to compare the prices between a bundle promotion on the major supermarket and a single product price on HonestBee Family Mart. Multiply the single product to the quantity in the bundle promotion and look at the savings!

It is possible for prices offered by other Supermarkets on HonestBee to be lower than that offered on the HonestBee Family Market, like the example below. However, as you can see, the difference is a few cents on one product and only when it is on significant sale but savings is a few dollars on most products on HonestBee Family Market. When you balance it out, it is still more worth it to shop on HonestBee Family Market, it is up to you to be a savy shopper!

Take note however, that same day delivery is not to be expected on products sold on Family Market, but your products can arrive the next day. I am happy to accept that, since a day is not a big difference to me and the savings more than make up for that.

How much savings can I expect?

Savings to be expected range from 10% to 30% lower than if you got the same products from major supermarkets, even those on HonestBee!

Where do the products on Family Market on Honest Bee come from?

This was a very important question for me, because as the family shopper, I want to know that my products come from reliable sources. I’m happy to share that HonestBee gets the products on the Family Market direct from manufacturers and that explains the savings!

How do I save even more?

Use this link to sign up with HonestBee for $10 off $50 any spend on HonestBee.

Use this link to sign up with ShopBack to get $5 when you sign up and an additional 4% off for new customers and additional 2% off for existing customers.

Last, but not the least, utilise credit cards that are running promotions for online grocery shopping. The ones you may want to consider using are as follows:

Citibank Cash Back card – 8% cash back at all supermarkets and grocery stores worldwide with a total minimum spend of S$888/statement month, capped at S$25 per month for groceries.

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card – 7% off everything at Fairprice (even on HonestBee!)


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