CleanFix4U Air Conditioner Cleaning | How I improved the efficiency of our aircon and got rid of our morning blocked noses


Around a year after moving into our home, I noticed that I keep having to lower temperature on the air conditioner to get the same or less coolness, plus both myself and Joy wake in the morning with stuffed noses when we didn’t use to. That was when I knew it was time to service our air conditioning system, since we use it daily.

I picked CleanFix4U to do our servicing because they are very experienced in cleaning air conditioning systems for commercial buildings and well known hotels. We decided on a Chemical Cleaning on two of my air conditioning units that are more frequently used and General Cleaning for the remaining units. Chemical Cleaning (more conventionally known as a Chemical Wash) is a process of checking if any part(s) of the air conditioning unit is(are) having any problem(s) and subsequently cleaning the air conditioning unit with the chemical required. General cleaning upkeeps the exterior and accessible areas of the air conditioning unit.

I was flabbergasted when CleanFix4U showed me the fan of my unit in the master bedroom (see 1st picture above). I hadn’t expected it to be so dirty after just a year, especially since we also have an air purifier in the room, but on hindsight, it could be the ongoing renovations of our new estate over the past year, or it could because the haze which happened shortly after we moved in.

Whatever the reason, it has sure taught me not to assume that air conditioners do not need deep cleaning until much later. If you are curious about what a chemical clean by CleanFix4U includes, here’s a break down of their process in 8 steps:

Step 1 General wipe down of the fan coil unit (FCU – this is the portion you see in your room) Filters are removed, cleaned, and left to dry.

Step 2  Protection is laid to protect walls, floors and portions of the air-conditioner unit that must not be in contact with water.

The team shared with me that servicing could have taken a much lesser time if not for the effort they put in protecting areas around my air conditioners, but this is a service they insist on. They brought along their own ladder, pails and clothes which is a plus point for me, given my unpleasant experience with contractors who asked to stand on my clean tall stools to do their work for defects rectification after renovation.

We have thought of deep cleaning our air conditioners ourselves, but during the cleaning session, I learnt that my particular air conditioner units ( Mitsubishi StarMex ) have parts that are difficult to remove and reassemble after, as well as sensitive electronic parts that need protection from water.

Step 3 Blower (rotating part within the FCU) and fan cover is removed and rinsed and dust from accessible areas are vacuumed.

Step 5  Set up drain pan. Here you see the cleaning technicians cleaning the fan manually with a brush only after the drain pan is set up to lessen the mess that could lend on my floor and bed.

Step 5 Coil is rinsed with clean water before spraying chemical, chemical is rinsed off with clean water after letting it sit for a short time. The chemical is an alkaline degreaser that’s specially formulated for cleaning air-conditioners. It removes grease build-up and what is commonly known as “jelly” (a congealed mass that results from dirt and condensation)

Out of the entire process, I find it most gratifying to see the chemical work on the coil
They clean up the area around the drainage pipe which dispenses dirty water from my air conditioning units as well

Step 6 Reassemble blower, cover, and remove drain pan & protection. This pail contains the dirty water that was collected in the process of chemical cleaning my air conditioner, isn’t it shocking to see?

Step 7  My air conditioning units that were cleaned chemically are left to run for 20-30 mins to remove all traces of the chemical cleanser.


I now set our  air conditioner to 26 degrees nightly when we sleep. It is more energy efficient but yet cools enough to ensure comfort and we do not wake up with stuffy noses anymore.


I took the opportunity to ask the CleanFix4U team several questions on maintaining air conditioners that have been bugging me. There responses came last and confident and here they are to share:

On an average basis, what is the recommended Chemical Wash servicing frequency for a residential Air Conditioning unit/system?

Generally, we will recommend customers to have a chemical wash done every quarter (approximately every 2-3 months). However, this might increase or decrease depending on certain factors such as your Air Conditioning system’s performance and usage frequency.

How do we monitor if the residential Air Conditioning unit/system requires a chemical wash?

Home-owners can do a quick check if air flow across the Air Conditioning unit/system’s vent is even. If the air flow is uneven, this typically indicates that a chemical wash is needed.

What is the cause of an air conditioning unit leakage?

This usually occurs when there drain water flows back into the unit or the drainage pipe has been clogged. We strongly recommend that you get a proper chemical wash done to ensure that the water flows well and to prevent any leakages.

Why is there a bad/unpleasant odour flowing out from the air conditioning unit?

The air conditioning unit does not produce odour on its own. The fan coil unit actually absorbs the smell from the surrounding areas and this scent gets discharges together with the air. In technical terms, air conditioning units undergo constant cooling and air-circulation, which causes a build-up of moisture. Bacteria will be accumulated in the long run if there is an inefficient evaporation of stagnant water. When the moisture is collected due to stagnant water, bacteria will accumulate in the long run. This leads to that foul odour emitting from your air conditioning unit. It is highly encouraged that you have a chemical wash when your unit is in this state.

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CleanFix4U does not just provide air conditioner cleaning services, but also other cleaning services for your home and I will share my experience next week. Here are their contact particulars for your information. You may want to follow their Facebook page to be updated on their services and promotions.

Appointments: Whatsapp/SMS 8318 6834

Disclosure: All services mentioned are sponsored by CleanFix4U for the purposes of this review.


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