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We don’t usually go for mall shows but I really can’t resist this one because, other than giant sized My Little Pony characters, there are also live ponies to interact with. So, even though we had to arrive earlier and try to find space within the crowd to fit Joy in, we went.

Discovery: Actually, part of the fun is to soak in the atmosphere of squeezing within the crowd. There are horrible people around but I really enjoyed seeing some parents give up their seats so that more children can fit in within the show zone. Major love.

Here are the various My Little Pony activities we tried out today (yesterday), quite fun really!

My Little Pony Party Surprise ‘Live’ On Stage
Date: 14 March – 22 March
Time: 2pm & 7pm (Mon – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Venue: Level 1 Atrium

Meet and Greet
Date: 14 March – 22 March
Time: After each My Little Pony Party Surprise ‘Live’ On Stage show (timings above)
Venue: Level 1 Atrium

50 passes will be given out 1 hour prior to each show strictly on a first-come first-served basis
Minimum spend: $50 (maximum of three same-day combined receipts)
Collect passes at: Level 2 Customer Service Counter

With a worried look, Joy told me right after this shot that “Mummy, I saw the pink one bite your hair!”. LOL.

Activities: Pony Rides / Pony Feeding Sessions / Photo Taking (Package price: $15 for all three)
Date: 14 March – 22 March, 28-29 March, 4-5 April, 11-12 April
Time: 1pm – 8pm
Venue: Level 1 City Green

  Be good, don’t cut queue. If you want to save time, one strategy we used was that the Hubs queued for the ride while Joy and I queued for the feeding and the photo taking. We got to feed the ponies first, then it was our turn to ride, and then we went back to complete the photo taking. It’s possible not to get angsty! #strategy

Also, after each show, there is bound to be a long line of parents queueing up for their little ones to experience this. If you have time, go during, right before (when everyone is in the mall waiting for the show to start) or a long time after each show (go for a meal, maybe).

We also fed one of the ponies (they take turns to eat / work) – you’ll get a small packet of carrots together with a mini pink shovel to feed the ponies with. After 2 tries, Joy discovered that she was content to watch me feed because the touch of the pony’s lips on her hand was a little much for her to accept right away. I discovered that shovels are not effective for feeding ponies, just use your hands.

The lady taking our photo was really really nice, I like her, but notice how the Gallop Stable logo was cropped out in this photo? This is how I feel about not having more of the pony in the photo. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. (T.T) I suggest you take more with your own camera as well.

The printers used for printing photos didn’t produce very quickly but don’t complain (I didn’t see it speed things up for people who did today, so why complain) and don’t let it get you down. What we did was to go for a meal and then return to collect, and then we left the mall happy.

Take A Magical Shot (My Little Pony Photo Spot)

Date: 13 March – 12 April
Venue: Level 1 City Green
Get your cameras ready and come strike a pose at Pinkie Pie’s SugarCube Sweet Shoppe from Ponyville with your favourite My Little Pony characters.

Other activities and promotions for Saddle Up for a Magical Time at City Square Mall.

Hope this helps!

We’ll be going to a few other activities / events which I think are worth checking out this March holidays, so check back to read about them!

Disclosure: We were invited by City Square Mall to meet My Little Pony(ies) at the mall and provided with tickets for the meet and greet + live pony interaction in order to share our experiences with you.

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