Bosch X Bloesem | Food styling & Mobile Photography Workshop

I am highly active on Instagram. Last year, I came across a photo of this grid pot from Blossom and fell in love with it. It led me to the Bloesem although I didn’t get to buy the pot in the end.

Bloesem holds creative classes that are interesting. Classes on the Art of Visual Storytelling, Marketing for Makers and Write it in Gold attracted me greatly ( all their past classes here, and all their current classes here), but strangely, I have never signed up.

Life has a way of bringing things to me. Bloesem teamed up with Bosch and by a stroke of luck, I was able to attend their Food styling & Mobile Photography Workshop last weekend. They had so much to teach about mobile photography, we learnt about using spaces, where to cut things off, lighting and angles for food photography, and even some recommended apps to use for photo editing on mobile.

I now have tips from Chef John See, ambassador for Bosch, based on his experience in good styling for about 80% of the marketing materials and food packaging in Singapore. He baked fresh butter cupcakes and waffles for us to shoot, they were so delicious, we asked for the recipes and he shared them generously. He used the Bosch 20T MaxxiMUM mixer and their latest Series 8 Oven and they worked so well, I’m going back to the Bosch experience centre another day to try them myself, before I decide if I should get them for the new home.

We were provided with fresh bakes and other ingredients to style, and there were also plenty of props from Bloesem. Some ingredients were more popular of course and we had to take turns but it was really awesome to have them at our disposal, to style to our heart’s content.

The ladies from Bloesem styled one board as an example. It looked so good, especially the avocado cream cheese open sandwich.

I liked this serving plate with a face on it the minute I saw it. It had such an innocent look, I tried to style it into the image of a farmer boy. I had in mind hair that was messed up by the wind + rosy cheeks and this was the outcome.

I walked around looking for ingredients to style when I came across cut fruits. The oranges especially, made me thirsty and I was lucky to find straws.

The ingredients in this set was originally styled by Cherry of Sweet Memoirs with a marble serving plate but I decided to go with a dark teal background that looked and felt like chalkboard to me.

I have certainly picked up useful tips from the workshop, and now have more confidence in food photography. Hopefully, it’ll show. Check out the #boschhomesg #bloesem hashtags on instagram to see some really nice photos taken at the workshop!

Here are the lovely people whom I attended the workshop with, thank you Bosch and Bloesem for hosting such an awesome workshop!

Disclosure: My attendance at the Food Styling and Mobile Photography workshop was with compliments of Bosch and Bloesem, no other compensation was received. All opinions my own.

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