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At the end of each day, I pick Joy up, arrange for her dinner and then go out again to fetch the husband home from work. I started doing this chauffeuring only recently, after he showed me photos of the places he has to pass through to get to public transport. I understand that this is due to the construction of a new train station. For safety reasons, I’m not going to name this place here.

Photo on the right was what he sent me. Even when I greatly adjusted the lighting, the photo on the left was the best I could manage. Imagine walking through this alley everyday.
Another alley the Hubs needs to pass through to get to public transport.

The husband can think of two solutions. One, I go fetch him from work everyday. Two, he buys a lot more insurance, so that when he gets mugged / hurt / killed, Joy and I will have enough money. I picked Option One of course, although Option Two sounds sensible to be honest. In my opinion, to buy insurance or not is a matter of whether you have the ability to insure yourself when something happens. If you can, don’t buy. If you can’t, buy within your means.

My insurance theory is based on just one thing – the human instinct to protect and secure. It’s been proven true for us. The husband and I both agree that buying premium medical insurance for Joy was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Since birth, she has been  hospitalised no less than 5 times (I even have a post on what to pack if you’re heading to the hospital with a sick child). Save for the very first time when we didn’t have insurance coverage, she could receive undisturbed rest in a single bedded ward for as long as she needed, without us worrying about money.

Just like the true story in this TVC by AXA, showing a fire in a Japanese restaurant that wreaked the kichen and injured the chef’s arm. It has a happy ending.


I am tasked by AXA to share an invitation for all of us to demonstrate the Born to Protect spirit. Please, contribute ideas on how/who/where we can make Singapore a safer city so that AXA can turn them into reality. Whether it is providing air purifiers for the less privileged or handing out masks to pre-school children in times like the ongoing haze, better lighting for areas in Singapore that are still not well lit or installation of alarms in easy slip areas of the homes of the elderly.

No idea is too big, or too small, because you can count on AXA to fulfil THREE suggestions and turn them into reality. The first 100 entries will also receive $30 Takashimaya Shopping Vouchers. Here’s how you can participate in 2 simple steps:

  1. SMS your idea to 76677 in this format: AXA < Space > YOUR NAME < Space > YOUR NRIC < Space >  YOUR IDEA FOR A SAFER CITY 
  2. Like this Facebook Post, share it on your own Facebook account, Tag @AXASingapore and add 3 hashtags: #AXASingapore, #AXASaferCity and #BorntoProtect. Remember to set the post to public for verification purposes.

*** Winners will be announced on AXA Singapore Facebook page on 16 November 2015 (Monday) ***


AXA has transformed four bus stops’ posters into mega-sized capsule dispensers to make protection fun and accessible. If you spot them, please push the “PRESS” button on the dispenser to receive free capsules containing Band aids, Mosquito patches, Medicated ointment and cough drops. The four different capsule items will be rotated on a weekly basis.

The bus stop dispensers are located at:

  • Bugis Street (opposite Bugis Junction)
  • Dhoby Ghaut (at Plaza Singapura)
  • Marine Parade (beside Parkway Parade)
  • Church Street (beside OCBC Centre).

Here’s a video I made after visiting the one at the bus stop near Plaza Singapura close to Douby Ghaut station:

The giantic dispenser got so much attention! Everyone was squealing in delight and having fun activating the dispenser and I also made new friends. Hope you’ll have fun too!

Disclosure: I am compensated to write this post but all stories are real.

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