A mask a day

Older skin is sturborn, it does not drink up when told to do so. Massaging in the moisturisers does not cut it now. I lose the product to evaporation faster than it gets absorbed. So now, I’m focusing on first getting the moisture absorbed and second, locking it in.


I choose masks for locking in the moisture. I think it is true that moisture in sheet masks evaporate much like moisture in our skin does, but they still work – if you use them correctly. I put on sheet masks for a maximum of 15-20 minutes and hydrogel masks for a maximum of 30 minutes. No more than that.

The other type of mask I use is a sleeping mask. I put on a layer of it and massage until absorbed and then I put on another layer of it.

I always do my pores a favour and put the masks I plan to use in the fridge. Immediate results are not observable but I believe in science – a low temperature makes things contract.

The last and most important step for me is to seal in the moisture with an occlusive ingredient, which is an ingredient that forms a temporary film or barrier to reduce moisture loss from my skin, or transepidermal water loss. Especially important for me since I sleep in an aircon room daily (you can read up about transepidermal water loss, occlusive ingredients and humectant ingredients online).  I like to use good quality extra virgin cold press coconut oil or try out DIY facial or body oils.

15 to 20 minutes is a lot of time for mothers, so I make sure I’m always doing something else while I’m at it. Most of the time, I put on the mask right after bathing with Joy and while we read several books as part of our bedtime routine. Sure, the mask moves around as I am reading, but I’ll take it – better than not putting on a mask.

Hydrogel masks are trickier in terms of time management. I use them to treat myself when we are ahead of our daily schedule, because I put them on for 30 minutes. They work better than sheet masks but are also more expensive than the sheet masks I use daily, so it works for me to not use them too often.

When I am really, really, strapped for time, I use my sleeping mask.


Sheet Masks

Cost is a factor if I am to use a mask a day, but I’m not willing to compromise on the ingredients of the products I put on my face.

The best option I’ve found as of now are Naruko sheet masks. Some of these go for $19.90 for 2 boxes of 10 masks, which make my investment an affordable $1 a day, and I approve of the ingredients list, which usually also contain humectant ingredients. My favourite Naruko masks are the Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask, the Collagen Booster Firming Mask and the Hydrolifting Intense Glow Hydrating Mask (a little more expensive but there it a sale now).

Edit: You can get Naruko Masks from their online store here: http://www.naruko.sg/shop/naruko-mask. Free shipping for every $60 spend – easily achieved!


Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel masks are not as affordable as sheet masks can be but I use them because they are very effective. My favourite at the moment are Faith in Face hydrogel masks and I use these two on a rotation basis. Again, I approve of the ingredient list. You can do more research online to check reviews on these products.

Sleeping Masks

I have used the famous Laneige sleeping mask but in terms of cost and effectiveness, Naruko ones work better for me (skin care is subjective, so go find your holly grail!). I like and have been using the Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots and Lines Defying Night Gelly, after I read about the product on this Dayre post by Make Up Box and did my own research on it –  you can do your own research on tranexamic acid if you like. I stocked up on them when we were in Taiwan last November, but I will try the Job’s Tears Night Gelly soon because I’ve been reading up on the product and it seems good.

Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots and Lines Defying Night Gelly

Occlusive layer

Currently, I am using a DIY body oil made with the DIY Summer Body Oil recipe I found from The Little Green Dot, except I replaced lemon grass with dried lavender tea. It smells heavenly and works very well. Otherwise, I use a good quality cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil to do the job.


DIY Body Oil

As I grow older, I realise the importance of self care. I form the habit of using a mask daily by applying them after a bath. This way, it becomes a part of my bath routine rather than my skincare routine, just for a shift of mindset. Bathing daily is a form self care and so is taking care of my skin besides, both Joy and I need to have our hair dried while we run down our bedtime routine. This is good use of time!

Note: All products mentioned in this post are personal favourites. I am not affiliated or working with any of the companies that manufacture them.

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  1. May I know where did you get the naruko masks? Thanks!

    1. Hello! I get from online from http://www.naruko.sg/shop/, $60 for free delivery in Singapore.

      I’ll update my post with this information. Thanks for asking the question!

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