We had a night that was considered good for me but I think it was not-so-good for Daddy, who was on weekend night duty ( read: I can activate a sleeping Daddy anytime for anything).

After making it through the night sleeping and waking, sleeping and waking to attend to Joy her royal highness, Daddy was zonked out mostly coz he didn’t realize the speed with which we have to respond to a wet diaper to avoid the sky falling down on us.

We were having breakfast when Joy Joy was sleeping when we had this conversation:

Daddy looking at the iron gate (Grandma left the keys in the lock): “Kitten, what would you do if there is a zombie at the door and my key pouch is hanging at the lock?”

Me: “what are zombies afraid of?”

Daddy said after a short pause : “it’s useless to lock the gate you know”

Me:” I know.. They can just push the gate down so we don’t have to rush there to lock the gate… That’s why I asked what zombies are afraid of”

” I will open the window there and then jump down” Daddy said, looking towards the direction of windows / balcony in the living room.

Me:” why would you want to kill yourself before the zombies get you? You may be able to survive if you don’t jump you know” I said, thinking that Daddy referred to the living room windows.

“I’m not so stupid la, I mean open the window at the balcony then jump onto the balcony of the floor below (which extends beyond ours) then jump from there to the lift landing”

” oh, that’s smart” I said. After thinking for a while, I asked Daddy ” why are you talking to me about zombies early in the morning?”

“we need to be prepared ma.. In case there’s something at the door like a fire, you need to already know how to escape” he said.

“oh.. ” I said, finally understanding. And then I suddenly didn’t quite understand again “But you didn’t talk about a fire, you talked about Zombies!” I said.

We both paused, sat at the dining table and looked at each other and then laughed silently with out hands to our mouths (Joy Joy was sleeping). What a funny conversation we had! Probably due to stimulation from being über sleep deprived (me) and having sleep interrupted (daddy).


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