Woo, it’s my birthday

The little girl has a habit of going “woo” in the cutest way before she opens her mouth and take a big bite of my breast. It is so endearing, I smile to myself whenever I think about it.
Daddy is similarly smitten when the little girl does that.

Just after the clock struck 12 today, I went “woo” I want to watch this DVD. And then “woo” I want to eat sea salt potato chips. And then “woo” I’m thirsty. And then “woo” I can’t finish. And “woo” I’m thirsty.

when he ignored me, I went “woo” it’s my birthday.

Daddy says.. this must be my longest birthday ever. I told him that that was just the beginning of my birthday.

When we were done with the DVD and I retreated into the coolness of our room, I saw this:

which you can’t really see.

It put a huge grin on my face and I felt my heart swell up until it felt like it was going to burst.

Here’s how it looks like, heavily edited:

I’ve received the best birthday present. Ever.

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