Punggol Safra | Whats there for families with kids?

Before it even opened its door, the hubs and I signed up for a 10year and 5-year supplementary membership respectively, so that we could visit Punggol Safra often. We envisioned it to be one of our entertainment centres, bonus that it is close to home.

Now that Punggol Safra has officially opened its doors, and since it’s tagline is “Where Fun Flows”, I popped by to check out where the fun flows from for families with children specifically.

Splash at Kidz Amaze

I was most excited about Splash at Kidz Amaze. How could I not be, when this video was circulating all the time in my Facebook feeds.

There are lots of good review posts (good to me = honest and useful) on Splash at Kidz Amaze, honest and useful ones, such as those by Bumble Bee MumWacky Duo, Mylilbookworm and Says Happy Mum. They include all the information you will ever need.

Personally, I think that you really need to manage your expectations, the first indoor playground in Singapore is not big and while it is indoors, it is not enclosed, so you won’t be protected, if there should be haze. The water is very shallow and supposed to be warm, but when we visited, it was rather cold to me.

I would say that Splash is fun for:

  1. Kids who are tall enough for the big slides (120cm height requirement)
  2. Little children for sure
  3. Older kids who are with friends, maybe
  4. The young at heart who loves water play (was fun for me and hubs, because we’re childish like that haha)

I went down the 2 taller slides in Splash. You move slower in the tallest one but travel further obviously. I’m not sure if I was mistaken but each time I went down, I always felt like there was a portion where you are momentarily stopped before moving down the slide again. Was that intentional? The shorter one of the taller slides allows you to move faster and end with a huge splash in the end – that was more fun to me.

Other than that, I just want to say that Splash is quite good for the not too young ones to roam on their own (Joy will be 5 this year), since the water is only 0.3m. In fact, I very often spot my hubby and Joy playing separately, on their own. =D

Special Note: Children under the age of 18 month old may enter SPLASH for free, they are also welcome to play at the play facility with accompanying adults. However, the playground was designed and built for children age 18 month old to 13 years old, as such, parents are strongly encouraged to keep a keen eye on younger children and supervise them during the use of the water facility.

Their function rooms are huge. Great for huge parties with children, they will surely love the water play.


The minute I stepped into the Artuary, I was drawn by the walls. I checked and confirmed that I’m not mistaken, they were drawn by the Band of Doodlers.

The Artuary has a very fun, modern vibe. Easy to love at first sight. We experienced an art session during a media visit, but it was a rather rushed affair and we were given instructions on the art piece to be completed. For art classes, I prefer an environment that offers a good balance of guidance and instruction plus the ability to understand the difference between the two. It might not matter in the end, because I saw that everybody else was making what they felt like making as well.

I’m not unhappy, really. I just have a resting sad face. #truestory.

Culinary Experience Studio 

The cooking studio will open it’s doors in late May and is fully equipped with Bosch home cooking appliances. No classes will be held there. This is like your kitchen away from home for a fee. You can have a cooking / baking session with family or friends then wash your hands off the mess and go home with the goodies.

That sounds terribly similar to the Bosch Experience Centre in Bishan where, for a fee, you can experience the Bosch range of appliances and be provided with basic ingredients for a cooking baking session. If the Bosch experience center in Bishan is not located conveniently for you, perhaps you can try the Culinary Kitchen at Punggol Safra. Hopefully, they will have a wider range of basic ingredients, because the fees at the Culinary Kitchen does seem much higher than that of the Bosch Experience Centre.

I’ve had a baking session at the Bosch Experience Centre last year, because I was deciding on ovens for the new home. My personal experience at the Bosch experience centre can be summarised as follows:

  • Man, Bosch has the technology! (and the premium pricing as well)
  • We need more basic ingredients
  • Now I want a dishwasher

Operating Hours:

Sun – Thu and PH, 9am – 12midnight
Fri, Sat and eve of PH, 9am – 3am (next day)

Pizza Making at Pizza Hut

Joy had fun making her own Pizza (and even more fun eating it afterwards) at Pizza Hut within Punggol Safra, but sadly it is not an intended program at this location for now. I hope they do bring in the pizza making program to Punggol Safra someday.

Manekineko Karaoke

When Kbox brings in a Japanese Karaoke chain, you must sit up and take notice. They charge by number of pax X no. of hours and provide unlimited servings of drinks and tidbits and soft-serve ice cream and pricing is very reasonable ($12 for 2 hours on weekdays before 7pm and $15 after kind of reasonable).

If singing is your thing (it totally is mine), you must check it out, and bring your children. There is no such thing as introducing karaoke to the children too early. Nonsense. Especially if their KTV rooms are cute like this:

KTV room at Manekineko Karaoke Bugis+
Source: Manekineko Karaoke Facebook


Operating Hours:
Sun to Thu, 11am – 2am (next day)
Fri, Sat, PH Eve & PH, 11am – 3am (next day)

Take notice: I haven’t been to the KTV and cannot comment on service, sound system or song selections but I will very soon and may very well write a post on it.

Bikes at Waterway

We were supposed to experience this, but it was drizzling on the day of the media visit and we missed it in the end.

According to what I know, thee will be a large variety of bicycles for rent and roller blades as well. What’s different is that you can rent it in Punggol, travel all the way to the PCN Pitstop network at East Coast Park and return your equipment there. Nice, if you don’t drive and/or intend to end your day at East Coast park, like maybe for a chalet staycation. Doesn’t make sense if you drive the whole family around, it would be hard to decide where to park the family – Punggol Safra or East Coast Park?

What is your Fun Match?

Aside and quite irrelevant, while writing this post last night, I visited the Punggol Safra website and discovered that you can play the “Fun Matcher” game to win some pretty good prizes. Want to see my “Fun Match”? Here you go.

Yeah, they seem to think that chilling is a sloth like thing. Click here to play . You’re welcome.

Disclosure: We were invited for a media session at Punggol Safra where we were shown around the premises via an exclusive Little Punggol Explorer program for invited guests. Had fun, I wish they would make it a program we could sign up for in designated groups! Featured photo on this post sourced from Safra.Sg.

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Estella!

    I had the same sentiments towards Bike @ Waterway. To make it sensible, I would make a U-turn back to SAFRA Punggol just so I don’t need to drag 2 tired kids on public transport to return to our car >.<

    1. Yup, I too will u-turn, especially since Safra Punggol is in the hood. It’ll only possibly make sense if you don’t drive and want to end up at ECP, haha.

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