What do you do for yourself?

I try to give myself reason to be satisfied that I’ve done things that matter each day. Nothing dramatic. Some days, it’s “I spent time cooking a nutritious meal for Joy” other days it’s “I practiced singing for 4 hours”.

I sing. I’ve gone through different phases but my way of performing now is to look into myself and take out something to give. An attitude, a belief, a feeling or an experience. Every song I perform has personal relevance, I’m always telling you a true story. I think about my purpose for each one of them and learn to grow secure internally when going with the flow. Sometimes, I manage it by being very quiet and calm inside, or I let the band mates take me away. Other times I disengage for one reason or other and get terribly disappointed. There are also times when I pushed myself over my ability at that moment. They’re all part of a live performance which drains me. I need a day to recover after every gig, but if you can understand somehow, many things about this process fortifies me.

On one of our (long) journeys to a practice session I was asked why I still do this and I said “because I have to do something for myself”. I never know which gig will be my last but while it lasts I’m going to enjoy it.

I’m writing about it because I’ve been feeling grateful recently that I can still do this. I hope you find what you love to do as well and persevere until you can no longer or until you have enough for a lifetime. Ordinary people like us can live a little too. 

p.s :

When you have parents and very busy individuals in a band, the only way to do this is to receive help gratefully from our respective villages. Extended family and spouses who look after the children. Children who deal with parents who are right there, but can’t be present because they’re practicing, and also late sleeping hours. Partners who sit beside their partners to spend time with them while they practice on a public holiday. Neighbours who tell you not to worry about the noise. Members who send each other home after a gig or a practice session so that we can be back a little earlier for our next set of responsibilities. It’s such a motivation to make every gig worth the trouble.

p.p.s  :

We have a gig today, come see us if you like!

The Ark
Level 2, Bugis Cube
17 September 2016
8.30pm to 10.30pm

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  1. We have the same opinion about life, glad to read your blog!

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