We’ve been shot

Like finally.

I went for 2 fitting sessions to pick the gowns. There were so many beautiful ones I had a hard time choosing.

Daddy wore 2 different suits to match my gowns. I like him in black shirt with his suits.

Daddy and I worked on the props for the shoot just the night before, using A3 colored printouts and recycled cardboard cutouts of the condo brochures we had from visiting one too many showrooms in the past.

We initially tried using cardboard from an unwanted box which a Daiso staff gave me but it was too thick and difficult to shape.

Quite happy with the eventual results.

We expected to squabble but didn’t at all the whole day. I thought I would be bridezilla but turned out we were pretty relaxed throughout the shoot even though some things did turn out unexpectedly. I think parenthood gets you used to the unexpected. So proud of us.

Breastfeeding and nubra do not go well together. We contemplated getting 2 nubras for me to change into, since I’d most probably need them on our wedding day as well but I decided to hold the purchase for now. End up, I only used the nubra until after I pumped for the afternoon. Worked out alright for me since i only needed to wear the revealing gowns in the afternoon.

My impression of the photographer was really bad during the discussion session I had with him just a few days before our shoot. He was not very polite. During our shoot however, we got to know him and realized that other than not knowing how to speak well sometimes, he’s actually a nice chap. And oh boy, he worked really hard for us.

My stylist was quite good as well. I didn’t quite like the styling for the red gown but I was too tired to comment. Other than that, she was good with the make up.

Can’t wait for photo selection day! Our package comes with 36 free poses, I’m just afraid that Daddy will pick like 20 or 30 photos, all with the little girl.

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