Welcome back

I’m sorry if this is too much information but I’m in (good) pain.

Pregnant = no menstration
Breastfeeding = delayed return of menstration.

I’ve had 2 good pain free years (ahem, except for the 44 hours in labour) but now, starting from last night, my uterus seems to be making up for time lost.

To celebrate the return of my period, my friend down there has decided to gift me with the opportunity to enjoy cramps to the fullest. Wave after wave of glorious dull aching pain that made me forget that I’m not about to give birth.

I was going to get all serious and blog about the recent government support to encourage Singaporeans to be more productive when a sudden cramp attack left me limp and lifeless in bed.

To cope, I contorted my body into various made-up yoga positions, feeling like I’m about to float up up and away like a bleeding helium balloon.Weeeee.

Seriously, I don’t remember these things being this painful but looking on the bright sight though, now I can have more kids!

So… hi.
Welcome back.

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