Week in the life of a blogging mom

I’ve been through the days of attending multiple events, blogging through the night, working on blog emails, editing photos, writing posts here and there whenever I have pockets of time. Each post takes me any where from 1 – 8 hours, and no mom has that kind of time at one go, so I work on each post over the course of a few days, normally.

I am a mom blogger, not a blogging mom – that is very clear. My role as a mom / home maker / my husband’s wife / myself comes first, especially since I solo parent for long periods of time. The blogsphere has plenty of bloggers, Joy only has me. To achieve my balance, I made a choice last year to give up certain things when it comes to blogging

Despite slowing down obviously, I still have plenty to be thankful for and I still put in a lot of effort into each post I do write, including non sponsored posts (this one took me 9 days!). That is necessary to justify how much blogging has enriched our lives and pushed us to go beyond what we would have thought to try. For one, I’m glad that blogging pushed me to work harder on photography, we most certainly have nicer photographs of everyone, except me. :(

Each one of my days are very different from the other. I write about a week in my life today, and the very next one could be completely different, but that suits me. I picked last week to write about, because it just fits into the schedule, little did I know how it would turn out. I’m just going to post some highlights for each day or it’ll be too lengthy, more on my Dayre, if you want to know!

Day 1 | 3 April 2016, Sunday
Dayre – Day 94

Breakfast. Woke up to “Coffeeshop Breakfast” prepared by the Hubs – first time I was relieved of breakfast duty since we moved. Sure justifies a photo.

We clean. We clean the home more throughly than usual. We don’t avoid doing chores when Joy is around, it doesn’t take time away from her but rather, its a family activity because Joy is expected to join in to clean. The home doesn’t clean by itself and she needs to know that.

It’s “I love my father day”. Joy is super attached to her dad today. She even waited outside the bathroom for him. And no wonder, her dad is her most sporting playmate.

Bus Carnival. I first saw it on May‘s instagram feed and thought it to be interesting to bring Joy to. I could have gone the Friday before but I picked Sunday because Joy’s Dad would be able to come along.

Kindness. We had dinner at the Kou Fu food court. I ordered Yong Tau Foo for the father and daughter and worried if they’d have enough noodles to share. This uncle, when he heard that it was for sharing, gave me an additional portion of noodles out of kindness.

Ice Cream Gacha Machine! As we were leaving the food court, we saw this Gacha machine and omg it sold Ice-cream!

Blood. Everything was fine before bedtime, she made me wear almost the same thing as her to bed and was super jovial until, nose bleed. My tissues were soaked through, the one is the picture was tissue round 2.

Day 2 | 4 April 2016, Monday
Dayre – Day 95

French butter croissants Day of the french butter croissants. We had it for breakfast, tea break and I had it for supper as well.

Nose bleed, again. This means we see a doctor.

Lunch and Dinner. I made both lunch and dinner at one go with frozen rice and bone broth I had prepped for rainy days. My rice cooker made it rather – while we were away at the doctors.

Fresh food run. Got fresh foods & groceries while we were at the mall. We had nothing much left at home. That was my first honeydew, yo.

Friends. I love living in Punggol. My friends who set up new families also lives here. We bumped into 2 and they popped by for a visit. I baked croissants for them.

Nap. Naps are a luxury I rarely get but I was exhausted. I woke to this. Messy floor, untidy sofa but this feels like home.

Laundry. Joy helps with laundry.

Play.  When Joy’s playmate comes back from work.

Another trip. We help pack for yet another trip. That also means I solo parent from the next day onwards.

Inspiration. I read about this “Jackpot Auntie” and she says that “Fate is not something you can change.”

Day 3 | 5 April 2016, Tuesday
Dayre – Day 96

Joy makes breakfast. I’m not supposed to interfere.

Home work. I run the home while Joy is in school. Laundry, grocery delivery (I never buy heavy items on my own) and things like paying bills, fines (Went through an ERP gantry without inserting my cash card properly! Gah!) and other home administrative stuff. All while I eat lunch (the sandwich).

Renovation defects. Today, we have a team at my place to discuss the plastering defects and how to rectify them. I feel faint at the number of areas that need to be worked on.

Purple porridge.  Joy is still sick and porridge is nutritious and easily digestible. Besides, success with the congee yesterday means I experiment even more. Purple porridge thrilled Joy at dinner time.

Blog delivery. I’m reviewing the Asus Zenfone Max. No, I can’t keep it. I always take photos when items get delivered to me but today, I’m late to pick Joy from school, so just this one photo.

I wish it would rain. Joy recently got a pair of rainboots and oh, how she loves them! No rain today unfortunately but she said she would prep, just in case.

Inspiration. “年轻人吃苦就好像吃补” I learnt this from TV.

Hunger strikes. Joy asked for a sandwich, shortly after dinner.

Day 4 | 6 April 2016, Tuesday
Dayre – Day 97

Milo Porridge. That what we call rolled oats + milo powder cooked in boiling hot water. I made breakfast with my eyes barely open.

An Accident. Thankful that nobody was hurt but it shook the core of my soul still. First accident in my life. I spent all of my time going to the workshop, servicing the car and visiting the other party involved in the accident. So relieved when he confirmed that he was fine.

Lunch. I only remembered to eat at 2.30pm, when I felt faint.

Library. What a long day, I would have loved to just head home and rest but I promised, so we went to the library.

Convenience. Ever so grateful to be living in a country where we can walk into an eating place for food when I’ve had a long day.

Independence. She reads while I keep the laundry and write emails to customers to apologise for delays during this period, because of the accident.

Day 5 | 7 April 2016,Thursday
Dayre – Day 98

No claim. The attitude of the other party is confusing to me and a little upsetting, but I’m glad we settled on no claim. My day is taken up with visit to the other party and the workshop.

Plastering works. My ID and co-ordinator takes care of the plastering defect works while I’m away. Yes, they have keys. This is the co-ordinator, cleaning up before they start work.

Dementia. Lunch at 3.21 pm. I forgot about it again until I became so faint I walked into the first food place I came to next. This makes me worry about my memory.

Surprise parcel. I won a voucher from The Little Playroom. Saw the parcel in the afternoon but decided to leave it to Joy to collect from our mailbox. She was so happy. How does blogging affect us? Joy lays out the socks and tattoos in the parcel, for me to take a picture.

Inspiration. I read this  on instagram. “Happiness is an inside job.”  It is difficult when you have to teach yourself things, or undo something you have learnt but it is possible to work through it internally and find peace and happiness.

Day 6 | 8 April 2016, Friday
Dayre – Day 99

Cliques and empathy. Joy and her classmates learnt a huge lesson in school, because of an incident over the tattoos. I informed her teachers of what I witnessed and they brought it up to the children. I heard it ended with a huge mind map and a great lesson. Silver lining.

Cooking ribs. My first time , and with pre-seasoned ribs from the supermarket. Didn’t turn out well at all but I learnt how to do it properly from a chef friend because of this.

Solved a problem. Do I buy plating in sets or do I buy randomly for variety. Problem solved!

Beauty program trailer. Went to SPH to record a short trailer for a beauty program I’d be on with my bestie on 23 April. It was raining and we had it do it really quickly!

Day 7 | 9 April 2016, Saturday
Dayre – Day 100

Improvements. Improved on the purple porridge recipe and finally got the outcome I was looking for. This is lunch and dinner again. So convenient and still nutritious.

Ready for rainy days. I rely heavily on frozen rice & hot water, so I prepped them when the porridge was cooking.

What luck! Discovered that  I won a prize for photos taken at the bus carnival.

Teaching Joy Sometimes I doubt my way of teaching Joy but she shows me that she’s absorbing. Here is she, explaining how food goes down the digestive system for me in her own way.

Dressing up We have an event today, so Joy and I dress up. Her outfit is her choice entirely.

Event – Air+ Smart Mask At blogging events, we learn and experience things we may never otherwise be exposed to. Joy gets to go to interesting places where these events are held and she plays with the children of fellow bloggers. This event was held at the Mint Museum of Toys and boy, was it an eye opener.

The machine that dispenses treats. What a thrill to come across this on the way to say hi to my band mates who were performing somewhere close by.

Taking photos. I don’t ask her to, but Joy arranges the products and asked me to take photos #childofablogger It’s not just me who works for it, its Joy too.

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  1. Joy is such a fashionista! Love her choice of outfit.

    1. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when she grows up haha

  2. Thank you for sharing your week! Hope Joy is ok. I would freak out to see blood, you can still manage to take photo!

    1. Hehe we were about to FaceTime Daddy, the phone was in my hand. Glad to have that picture so the doctor could see.

  3. Nose bleed? I would be so scared. As a mom, we all have to do so much of multi-tasking. Sigh!

    1. Makes us stronger right? I think so!

  4. What a thrilling week you had there.. your home looks neat and bright and hope the defect will be fixed soon. thanks for sharing .


    1. I too hope that defects will be fixed soon. Thanks for popping by! <3

  5. good grief, home reno, work and a sick child, all on top of solo parenting. Wah…just home reno itself would have driven me nuts. Just curious, how does the frozen rice thing work?? Is the rice already cooked?

  6. How is Joy’s nose bleed? Your messy floor is actually quite neat! Lol thanks for sharing!

    1. I live with someone who has impossible standards of clean haha but really? that was neat?

  7. Funny how an uneventful week sometimes turns out to be so colourful. I can’t wait to see the beauty program that you’re on. Do share it when it’s live!

    1. Oh yes, what a colourful week. Hope you’re better! I’ll share the beauty program when live!

  8. Frozen rice means already cooked one or not yet? If not yet why freeze?

    1. Not cooked. Freeze to break it up so that it’s much faster to make congee.

  9. We were there for the blogging event held at Mint museum too..:) Hope to meet up again.

    1. LOL see you next time!

  10. You put it so aptly.. the world has lots of bloggers, but our kids only have us :)
    P.S. I love seeing updates of your muji home haha.. update more!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. I know you’d understand it too! <3

      Haha I have lots to update on the home, glad you liked the updates!

  11. Loving your clean, minimalist, Muji home!

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