Wardrobe organization | How to prevent the leaning tower of clothes

Before, my (portion of the) wardrobe had already gone through one round of organization because I tried out Project 333 (wearing only 33 items for 33 days – haven’t written about this yet but there are some photos on my instagram). Everything I picked for Project 333 was hanged up and the rest are kept in vacuum bags according to category – in case I need to switch out any piece and actually just because I felt insecure in some ways.

Organised in a little more than an hour (I couldn’t afford more time), heres how it looked like. No leaning tower of clothing because they are all secured in vacuum bags but, not a pretty sight.

I lived with it for a few months. It was easy to retrieve any piece of clothing I wanted to return to the active pile but difficult to keep some of them crease free and the vacuum bags made so much noise it’s hard for me to do anything when Joy was asleep.

So out came all the clothing in my wardrobe on our (cleaned) floor last weekend.

After half a day, this is the end result:

Notice leaning tower of clothing to the left (hubby’s)?

Zooming in. My clothing are now contained in boxes, according to type.

I don’t at the moment but if I wanted to store more, I can easily keep them in stacked like this.

These are what I learnt after this exercise:

  • Thick clothing (I have a lot of them) are the ones which de-stablize my tower of clothing and cause it to topple over when I retrieve anything – so hang them (how to hang them without damaging them below)
  • Any non-thick top / skirt / pants can be rolled into the same size and kept in the shoeboxes, without creasing them. (how to below)
  • Medium sized shoe boxes from Charles & Keith are awesome.

How to hang sweaters without damaging them

I choose an awkwardly shaped thick shrug to demonstrate this.

Discovery: all sweaters, or thick tops, can become triangle-shaped when folded into half.

Place the hanger upright in the centre of one of the sides.

Tuck two tips of the “triangle” into the horizontal bar of the hanger.

Adjust to neaten.

How to roll tops with embellishments 

Tops with embellishments normally make my tower of clothing unstable as well because, however you fold it, there is always one part that is thicker than the rest. So roll!

The tip for rolling clothing is to find a way to make the article of clothing rectangle shaped. Here’s how for this type:

another requirement for fitting them all into the box is to roll them into the same width. Here’s how I adjust the width. I don’t really measure them, I estimate.

To get a better roll, roll it beginning from the thickest portion up. If you do it the other way, the last bit will protrude out.

Same for any other top-heavy top. For this just fold in the shoulder portions to make a rectangle.

The end result can still be a good roll.

For top heavy tops, definitely roll from the heavy portion first, but for those that are not substantially heavy at a particular place, you may want to consider rolling them differently.

If rolled beginning from the neckline towards the hemline, the result will be this:

If rolled from the hemline to the neckline, the result will be this – good for people who like to read the labels and sometimes I prefer this because I can see the print on the top better.

After all my non-heavy tops have been rolled, I put them into a medium sized Charles & Keith shoe box (I only have 2 myself so I went to the store and asked if they have any that they didn’t want to spare). It’s much easier to find anything I want at all – just move the rolls around. Even if you take out the rolls, they can be put back easily with no mess. And no more toppling tower to clothing!

Of course, I would much prefer drawers for my clothing but we’ll be moving to our new home this year and we don’t really want to spend money on new drawers here. So this method for me, who needs to have my clothing organised so that I can be not just fast and decisive in the mornings but also make sure that all the clothing I love are well rotated.

After two rounds of organising my wardrobe seriously, I now I know how much space I need for the clothing and what kind of configuration would suit my needs. Yay for making the wardrobe planning more effective!

If you’re wondering, the other clothing I am keeping for rotation are currently stored in my extra space at Extra Space, more on this next week!

Let me know if you try this out and if it worked for you!

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