The pointy kitten heels that called my name

I have a profound love for heels.
Deep deep love.

Deepest love of all for dainty pointed kitten heels because they are usually light and soft (if you choose the right material) which equals beauty + comfort (victory).

If I chance upon a good quality pair with triangle shaped pointed tip (not almost pointed but really pointed) and a killer kitten heel, consider it sold. #takeallmymoney Don’t mind even more if it was a pair of slingbacks. #sexychic

An accidental encounter with this pair drove me a little nuts:

Theysken’s Theory
Aven Pointy Toe Pumps
Found on: Shopbob
First seen on: lulu and your mom

It led me to compulsively surf the net for “pointed kitten heels” and for a good hour, I went through pages and pages of good looking shoes.

My favorite pair of the day has got to be this one. The back is curved to perfection, I like how the sides are cut and there you have it, my dream triangle pointy toe. Be still, my heart.

Asymmetric suede pointed court shoes

Sadly, the last I heard, Zara doesn’t carry this beauty anymore, if at all in the first place in Singapore. Best bet is probably eBay but at an exorbitant price provided I can even find the right size. So *poof* there goes the dream heels. (T.T)

I can almost see Daddy’s horrified face after reading this because his footwear philosophy is very different from mine but he should be quite comforted though.. because I can’t get my hands on a pair. (T.T)

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