The milking business

This is the milk monster’s favorite look whenever I am near her.

Today I had the longest break from nursing since the beginning of my moo moo career. A 4-hour interval.

I can also feel Joy Joy emptying my breasts faster in the past few days. She takes big glups of milk and is usually done with about 30 mins of nursing, including burping and sometimes even sayang time.

The milk monster has a bad habit to retain one last mouthful of milk in her mouth without drinking it coz she is sleepy by then. It caused her to choke and cough on a few occasions. When we try to burp her, the milk flows out of her mouth and Grandma thought she is puking milk. I know it’s not because it doesn’t look like beancurd milk (i.e hasn’t been digested) and the milk appears to come from her cheeks rather than vomited. After consulting my Aunt, nowadays I let her lie on her side before sitting her up to burp her, so that any milk can flow out of her mouth and not choke her.

Reflux still affects her but much much lesser. But we found that she can’t lie flat still, there are still times where she will kinda choke on her reflux.

One day at a time. Hopefully things turn for the better.

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