The eyeliner (finally) stays on!

During the course of gown selection and photoshoot, I became quite chummy with our make up artist and one day, at my make up trial, we were just chatting randomly when she told me that in so many years of her make up experience, she has not found any other eyeliner that works as well as the one she was using on me at that time.

I was surprised when she showed me the brand because it was widely available in Singapore and most importantly, cheap.

It worked very well on me that day but I wouldn’t be sure if it was the ampoule she used on me / the setting she did for me or if it was really the eyeliner itself. But since it worked so well and is cheap ($6.90!), I bought one to try on myself.

The verdict? Very good! Stayed on for hours even on someone like me who rubs my eyes out of habit.

To really test it, I drew a single line on my hand just once (no primer and not set with powder) in the morning and left it as it is for the rest of my day, taking photos during lunch, after work, after bathing when I got home. In the last photo, I rubbed the line hard once to see how it would fade.

Very pleased with how it turned out and indeed, I experienced the same staying power when I applied the eyeliner on my lids. Plus the eyeliner applied smooth and creamy like a eyeliner gel, gives me control like a eyeliner pencil and the brown colored version is just the right shade of rich brown that I like. Plus, it removed easily with my regular make up remover.

Nothing more I ask for in a eyeliner and I’m happy as a lark!

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