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It has been almost two years since we last visited the S.E.A Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa and we went again last weekend because we heard about how they now have some new programs in celebration of the TeREEFic World that the aquarium is.

I have to try very hard not to post photos or videos of what we learnt and saw, so that I won’t spoil it for you but here are some of the activities we did, without revealing too much!

Sea Jelly Mission
Date: Every Sat, Sun and Public Holiday from now till 31 May, including:
School Holiday: 16th – 20th Mar 2015
Easter Holiday: 3rd – 6th Apr 2015
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Ocean Gallery, 2nd Tier

Mission booklets for the Sea Jelly mission can be found at the Ocean Gallery (in Joy’s words “the LARGE fish tank”) – very easy to spot. If you really can’t find it, ask around! I found the aquarium staff to be very helpful.

Your mission is simple, help the sting ray find all the green sea jellies (i.e. correct answers to the questions in the mission booklet)!

If you get it wrong, you get a pink sea jelly instead!

The idea of making it a mission is a really good one but what’s even better is the way you can find answers for the mission. Along the passage ways leading to and where the sea jellies are, you can find these giant “chalkboard walls” scribbled with information about the sea jellies. For as long as I can remember, this is exactly how I studied for all my exams (with the exception of the language ones, where I just read and read and read) and I absorbed all the information super easily like a sponge!

There are also stations along the way, where you can get to understand even more about sea jellies by observing them for yourselves and also see some unusual sea jellies.

Visitors asked really funny questions, so much so that they made the guide laugh out loud! I love the interaction!

Pay attention to the information boards for short videos along the way as well to learn more about the sea jellies!

Activities For The Little Ones
Date: Now till 31 May 2015
Time: 10am – 7pm, daily
Venue: Ocean Gallery, 2nd Tier

The Sea Jelly Mission is a short one which you can complete quickly while acquiring lots of general knowledge about sea jellies. I tried to be animated when describing what I have learnt to Joy (so that she learns some too) but after all, she can’t read everything yet. Luckily, we came across this activity area at the 2nd Tier of the Ocean Gallery and Joy ran to sit down with all the children.

You can colour using the materials provided or make your own origami and wear a hat bearing the image of a sea eel on your head. It is quite an experience to do both at the ocean gallery – the atmosphere is almost surreal and very peaceful.

My mom was so caught up with origami – she stayed there for a long time just doing her thing, even when Joy finished up and went to watch fishes by the “large fish tank”.

Reef-tastic Trail
Date: Now till 31 May
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Throughout S.E.A. Aquarium

Have you ever let your focus escape the fishes swimming about and land it on to the gorgeous corrals that are in the background? I don’t normally. If you’re like me, you might be surprised at what you’ll come to learn about them, so do pay attention when you’re there!

Joy got to see how the corrals were trimed for herself.

Other chanced encounters we had at the aquarium were no less facinating. Like the time when I got to touch a Star Fish and a sea cucumber (they feel like stuff toys!).

And when we met a giant octopus, who moved around a lot, and surprisingly, he moved quite quickly.


We also spotted giant eggs littered all over in the enclosures and I found out that they are there as part of an egg hunt. If you are participating, know that some of them are in the S.E.A Aquarium! This egg is super cute!


If you are interested, a full list of events and happenings under the TeREEFic World program at the S.E.A. Aquarium can be found here – includes Aquarist Feeding Sessions (see how the aquarists feed the marine animals), Diver Talks (Divers talk to you while they are underwater), Aquarist Talks (what is it like to look after these marine animals?) and more! It’s really interesting and totally worth making a trip down to check them out.


p.s. Why the aquarium reminded me a lot of life and the first time when Joy went to the S.E.A. Aquarium.


Disclosure: We were invited by Resorts World Sentosa and provided with tickets to experience TeREEFic World at the S.E.A Aquarium. No other compensation were received.

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