10 Eyeliner tips and tricks

Have you seen this video of men trying out eyeliner? It’s hilarious! Men Try Eyeliner Posted by SOML on Sunday, 9 August 2015   I caught the men ask why people who put on eyeliner (it’s not just women!) do this to themselves. The answer is preference? Personally, I think make up, like dressing appropriately is a […]

Browtisan by Coco | Eyebrow embroidery touch up experience

6-7 weeks after having my eyebrow embroidery done, I scheduled my first complimentary touch up. A touch up this quick after initial eyebrow embroidery is necessary because everyone’s skin takes to the colour dye at different rates and everyone’s embroidered eyebrows shrinks differently after the initial embroidery settles. The initial eyebrow embroidery acts as a gauge and the first touch up […]