How breastfeeding helped me cope with motherhood | Invitation to The Big B Event 2013

It’s all over the internet, books and experiences many mothers have to share. Breastfeeding is tough. And a lot of these breastfeeding resources available for mothers focus on how beneficial breastfeeding is for the child and how mothers can cope with breastfeeding but what many, especially new mothers, may not expect is that breastfeeding can help mothers cope […]

Nursing Strike

I was unprepared and uninformed. Totally taken by surprise shock. After her vaccinations consisting of 2 injections and one oral dose, the little girl went on a nursing strike which lasted (hopefully) 2 sleepless days. She cried and cried and rejected my breast when it was time to nurse and rather we hugged her to sleep […]


Miss Joy Wong Lok Xun, Huang Lexuan, you have officially broken mummy’s heart for the very first time In your life. I risked my life to give birth to you. I painstakingly endured pain from the c-sect wound, countless sleepless nights, hunger, anger and gave everything I could to take care of you and let […]


We had a night that was considered good for me but I think it was not-so-good for Daddy, who was on weekend night duty ( read: I can activate a sleeping Daddy anytime for anything). After making it through the night sleeping and waking, sleeping and waking to attend to Joy her royal highness, Daddy […]