Browtisan by Coco | Eyebrow embroidery touch up experience

6-7 weeks after having my eyebrow embroidery done, I scheduled my first complimentary touch up. A touch up this quick after initial eyebrow embroidery is necessary because everyone’s skin takes to the colour dye at different rates and everyone’s embroidered eyebrows shrinks differently after the initial embroidery settles. The initial eyebrow embroidery acts as a gauge and the first touch up […]

Ganban-yoku Therapy (岩盤浴) at Anti-Oxidant Centre + Giveaway & Readers’ Promotion! [ Giveaway Completed ]

I feel myself swell up significantly once in a while because of water retention but I know just the thing to bring it down – drink a lot of water, gradually. The other way of dropping the water weight / swelling / detoxing is, logically, to sweat it out. Ganban-yoku Therapy (岩盤浴) is a rock […]