When did you start fixing things on your own?

One night, I had dimmed the room lights and we were about to head to the bathroom for a bath when you saw that your poster had come off from the wall.

Instinctively, you reached out to put it back in place. When you were done, you looked up at me, smiled as usual and said “弄好了!” – like it was a small matter.

Last night, it happened again.

The lid of your wet wipes came off, you climbed onto the bed with it, fixed the lid back, climbed down the bed and put the box of wet wipes back where it belonged.

This time, I wanted to watch you do it more than I wanted to take down the process.

When did you start doing things like these on your own?

You grew up somemore?

Slow down, will you? I can’t catch up.


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