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I feel nostalgic just thinking about the tunnel at underwater world. Tickets and food on Sentosa in general were expensive to us but my mom still managed to bring us there once when we were growing up. There was one photo, of us standing at this exact same spot in the tunnel, siblings huddled together with my mom, me making the victory sign. Photo is lost but memories remain.

The Underwater World tunnel has the same hold on me, even now. Mysterious at times and still fascinating.

This time round, dad, who worked every day without rest while I was growing up got to go. He stopped often to look for a long time and took a lot of photos and videos with his phone. I was very glad that he was enjoying himself.



If anything, the real draw of the Underwater World attraction is the interaction you can have with sea creatures. We touched sting rays (barbs removed), starfishes and even baby sharks.

There is a Mystical Anti Gravity Interactive Concept Tank (MAGIC T), which looks like a regular fish tank with two outlets where you can put your hands in to feed the fishes. I was amazed that water does not spill out even when the fishes can swim right to where the opening is. Joy was more interested in feeding fishes (while talking to them) the conventional way.



Within the Living Fossils section, I learnt many things I never knew about ancient aquatic life.

This is also where you get to come face to face with giant fishes and other aquatic life. Joy asked me why they were all sulking and I had a really good laugh because of that. Lighting for the area  is dim and, because of Joy, I came to realise that most fishes have downwards pointing mouth, especially obvious at the Living Fossils section because they are so huge.



Joy and I went inside a dome fish tank exhibit and finally got to know what’s its like to be looking out from a fish tank.


Special thanks to the kind couple who smiled at us with such happiness and allowed me to take their photograph.


Dolphins and Seals

Daily Dolphin and Fur Seal Show
Showtimes: 11am, 2pm*, 4pm and 5.45pm everyday
(*Dolphin and Fur Seal behind-the-scene play session with trainers every Wednesday at 2pm)

We went on a Wednesday and caught the 2pm and 4pm shows. The special training show at 2pm on Wednesdays was not packed at all, it allowed us to watch the animals with relative peace, especially the seals, who were training close to the audience stands.

2pm seal training session
4pm actual show
I loved it when the seals swarm at full speed around the pool.

Joy got to know that we would be watching the dolphins a few days before. She watched videos about them, to understand things like how they navigate in water, why you can’t touch their melon (hump on their heads) and why are some dolphins pink. I had Joy’s nails cut the night before and taught her about respect and gentleness you need to have with animals. When we got to the dolphin lagoon, she was all excited.

The most magical part of the dolphin show was when an audience (so happened, Jennifer the Dino Mama got picked!) was picked to interact with one of the Dolphins. Everything about the interaction looked gentle on the Dolphin and it was almost magical when the Dolphin sang while Jennifer conducted, I loved that part.


Photo Taking Opportunity with Dolphins and Seals
Pink Dolphin: Available for 11am and 4pm shows
Fur Seal: Available for 2pm and 5.45pm shows
Cost: $20

Joy was ecstatic when told of the possibility but I admit, I was struggling with myself on whether I should buy a photo pass or not. I did eventually, because its a chance we won’t always come across.

Being able to pet the Dolphin meant a lot to Joy I could see. When the Dolphin seemed not to be ready for contact, she waited quietly.   When I saw how she petted the Dolphin, I was really proud. She was thrilled but very careful and gentle. It was an amazing encounter for Joy.

Not so for me, because of an incident.  My mother was with Joy in the queue and she was required to carry 13kg Joy, specifically sideways, while waddling into the slippery pool. My mom slipped and fell into the pool, hurting her back. It  would have been much safer for Joy to waddle in herself, while assisted by an adult, rather than being carried – this was an accident which could have been avoided. I didn’t understand why we were treated differently when other children before us, who were smaller and younger, were allowed to waddle in themselves with help.  Also, guardians who were required to carry children into the pool may not receive support from the staff, despite the pool conditions. I had help, my mom didn’t.

Here’s a video of me with Joy during our 2nd attempt, taken by my dad:

In their official reply to my feedback, the Underwater World team indicated that they have noted that the pool is slippery and is currently looking into how they can improve on this area to make it safer for the public. Here are the SOP information provided by Underwater World after my feedback:

(1) While it is not stated in writing, the minimum height requirement is 1 metres. Our Guest Service Officers will practice discretion to measure the child’s height with a pole, should his/her height appear to be around or shorter than 1m. Should the child fail to meet the height requirements, he/she will have to be carried by an adult during the dolphin interaction.

(2) Guest Service Officers may advise parents to carry the child if he/she show signs of fear/discomfort participating in the animal interaction.

If you want to know, Joy is exactly 1 metres tall and had shown no fear during the whole session, not even when she fell into the water. The fact that she happily went with me on a 2nd attempt and smiled for the camera is proof enough. I kicked myself for not protesting against the request. If you do go for the photo opportunity please, do what you can to ensure safety.

Will I still visit Underwater World Sentosa? Yes, I will. Accidents happen to the best of us, so although I’m not satisfied with the explanation given for this incident, there are still many reasons why this attraction draws us to it. We’ll just be responsible for our own safety next time round.

Now’s the best time to visit, in any case! Entrance tickets plus a buffet meal at Island Cuisine are now going for a June Holidays 2015 promotional price of $19.90 (excluding perks mentioned in promotional material below)!


We had a meal at Island Cuisine as well. The food is average but the setting and atmosphere was very relaxing. Overall, the promotional package is still pretty worth it, considering that food on the Island tend to be expensive. Also, free flow ice cream keeps the children happy.

**** GIVEAWAY *****

I have 5 pairs of tickets to giveaway, courtesy of Underwater World Sentosa! Please note the terms and conditions carefully and log your entry via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:

1. Contest Ends: 1159 hrs on 21 June 2015
2. Redemption period: 3 months upon receipt of tickets
3. Eligible participants: Readers resident in Singapore
4. Each winning ticket only permits a complimentary entry into UWS and a one-time buffet at Island Cuisine.
5. Each winning ticket does not include the additional perks as stated in above poster.
6. Promotion is only applicable to local residents of Singapore. (i.e. Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Holders of Employment Passes, work Permit or Dependent’s Pass).
7. Promotion is valid for both adult and child.
8. To qualify, visitors are required to produce relevant identification, subjected to one admission ticket per local ID.
9. This promotion is not applicable with any ongoing promotions.
10. This promotion is not applicable for group tours.
11. This promotion is only valid for watching the dolphin show. Charges are applicable should invited visitors wish to participate in the dive or have contact with the dolphins.
12. UWS reserves the right to refuse redemption, entry and/or participation if the above conditions are not fulfilled.
13. UWS Shall not be liable for cancellation of any programmes due to wet weather or unforeseen circumstances.
14. Island Cuisine will offer local delicacies in a buffet format daily from 11.30am – 3pm (Last seating: 2.30pm) and 5.30pm – 9pm (Last seating: 8.30pm).
15. Island Cuisine is not a halal certified restaurant. Dishes do not contain pork/lard.
16. UWS reserves the right to substitute the buffet meal with another item of equivalent value.

Disclosure: Our entry tickets and buffet lunch were provided by Underwater World Singapore for the purposes of this review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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83 Replies to “Revisiting Underwater World Sentosa (Flash Giveaway!)”

  1. Tammy Tng Sze Pei says: Reply

    I want to bring my family to experience the underwater world. My kids will be able to see and learn more about sea life creatures!

  2. I will be bringing my husband and it will be a great anniversary date for us..

  3. I hope to bring my family along. The boys would be so happy to see the dolphins and to see the fish in the aquarium. I do hope your mum is alright.

    1. Thank you, Jolin! My mom has recovered, not a bad injury. :)
      Estella’s most recent post : Revisiting Underwater World Sentosa (Flash Giveaway!)My Profile

  4. Great write up! I will love to bring my gals to see the Dolphins! :)

  5. I want to bring my family there! We never go there before haha

  6. I will bring my four year old son as he is a fan of dolphins and his class name is N1 Dolphin.

  7. Joycelyn Choo says: Reply

    Having a fun Family Day out to see siphons jumping out from the water will be awesome! My son will be thrilled!!

  8. I hope to bring my 2 kids and parents along. They love sea creatures! This will be a great experience for them!

  9. Khor Lee Ling says: Reply

    I would like to bring my 3 children to UWS.They like sea creatures and will surely enjoy!

  10. Michele Yeong says: Reply

    I wish to bring my 3 year old girl to visit her love dolphin and visit the aquarium with my hubby, he never been there before.

  11. Just like in your post, I hope this trip will forever be etched in my daughter’s mind that mommy took her there to see sea creatures up close.
    Michelle’s most recent post : Dyson Pure Cool 2-in1 Purifier and Fan ReviewMy Profile

  12. Michelle Ong says: Reply

    I would like to bring my kiddos if I win this so that they can have a upclose and personal experience with the sea creatures especially the dolphin :)

  13. I would love to bring my family along! My boy would be jumping in joy to be able to have close contact with the dolphin!

  14. Vincent Lee Wee Ping says: Reply

    i want to bring my wife and baby ther, i am a certified scuba diving instructor but my wife is afraid of the sea, i want to show her the beautiful underwater world so in the future we can go diving as a family

  15. I would bring my 2 kiddos if I win the giveaway. Both my kids love animals very much and I’m sure they will be thrilled to go to underwater world to see and learn more about the underwater life!

  16. Serene Leow says: Reply

    I will bring my youngest child who is usually being neglect as I am busy with 2 elder kids. I wish to have a bonding session with my daughter. Im sure she will love to have some time alone with mummy.

  17. would take my boys as they have been learning about marine life and habitat. Nothing beats experential learning, so I am sure they will love the touch pool especially.

  18. I would love to visit Underwater World again. My boys loves animals!

  19. Bring my mum for old times sake as the last time we visit UWS was during my primary school days.

  20. I’m bringing my hubs and daughter along for sure! Faith loves sea creatures and I want to create good memories for her as she grows up.

  21. I will be bringing my family with me, if the winning tickets allow a family of 5. I would like to spend more time with my family as we have been a little ‘distance’ since cny as all of us are either busy with work or studies.

  22. I would love to bring my shy and timid 3 years old gal to gain exposure and learn things that can’t be taught in school. I’m sure she will be excited over it!

  23. I hope your mum isn’t seriously hurt, Estella.
    Adora’s most recent post : The Happiness IndexMy Profile

    1. Nope, not seriously hurt. She’s doing well now, thank you, Adora! :)

  24. I would bring my 2 kids along as they have never been to underwater world before!

  25. I would like to bring my family along. Definitely a great place for family bonding and for the kids to be close to the dolphins.

  26. Kong meifong says: Reply

    Wish to bring my 3 kids there . Especially my 16 mths girl . She will sure be fascinated !

  27. I wish to win and celebrate our 7th anniversary .

  28. It would be awesome if I can bring my boy along to let him have his first close contact experience with the dolphin!

  29. Would love to have dedicate a day filled with excitement with my parents and siblings, as all of us have been occupied with our individual work recently. It would be great to relax and unwind :)

  30. I would like to bring my three children to experience the mystery underwater world! They’ll be thrilled if given the opportunity to have up close experience with the friendly dolphins!
    FB: Ang Chris

  31. Stephanie Lew says: Reply

    I would like to bring my mum to RWS to relax and enjoy. She suffers from osteoporosis for many years and her pain from the back bone can be rather intense sometime. Hope you can grant me the tickets.

  32. I would like to bring my kids as they love fish! Hope I win so I can fulfill their dreams!

  33. I would like to visit Underwater World together with my nephew because he is ever so curious about the fish and different kinds of sea creatures. This will definitely be an unforgettable trip for him. As for myself, I would love to see the pink dolphins in action. Haven’t visited/ seen them for more than a decade – and they definitely are still the stars of UWS which I wouldn’t want to miss out on. :)

  34. I would my 2 kids and hubby along. Great family bonding and my kids love fishes and marine creatures. It will be enriching, fulfilling and fun.

  35. Hope to bring my 2 boys to Underwater World Sentosa as they loves marine life very much. Hardly spent time with my kids and this trip will definitely one of the most memorable trip with my kids.

  36. I would like to win this Under water world ticket ,so that this june holidays my kids will go and have fun with Pink Dolphin and Seals….Love to win this.

  37. I would like to visit with my hubby and kid….We all are coming first time after his birth….I hope he like his first Marine encounter with Pink dolphin.Love to win this

  38. Hope to bring my parents to Underwater World Sentosa as they never been there before. Hope to celebrate Parent’s Day with the visit and enjoy sumptuous with my parents

  39. I would really love to win this giveaway & bring my ah boy go UWS .. My boy love fishes and it’s been more than 10 years since last visit…I miss to go there and touch the beautiful pink Dolphin <3

  40. susan chiang says: Reply

    Defintely wish to bring my family for the wonderful dolphin experience.
    Especially to reminiscing my childhood memories with my mum.

  41. It really looks like fun! Would love to bring my boys there!

  42. One on on time with my only daughter as she has been lacking attention lately

  43. I’ll be bringing my princess if I win the tickets! My girl who is 2.5yo has not been to the underwater world before. She has only seen marine animals on her flash cards. It would be a very exciting and ‘jaw drop’ moment for her to see these ‘paper’ animals come to life right in front of her! I can imagine that ‘unbelieveable’ expressions on this petite cheeky girl!

  44. Aaron Huang says: Reply

    My boys love the will be great to teach them the many wonderful animals living in the sea through the Underwater World.

  45. Would like to bring my in laws who is visiting their grandkids (my 2 kiddos) for the first time from USA…!!! They n my kids have not seen pink dolphins before!!! If I told them that pink dolphins existed, they will never believe me…help me proved them wrong

  46. I would love to bring my sons to UNDERWATER world Singapore . as they both love Dolphins . my elder son did very well on his test paper . hope to win this Underwater World tickets and surprise sure they can explore and experience with the sea creatures especially the dolphins. they will sure have alot of curious question why the Dolphins is PINK ?? . it will also be a wonderful bonding day for us .

  47. Hi Estella,

    I want to bring my lovely niece to Underwater World Singapore. I want her to experience and learn more about the marine life and sea creatures. The “Touch Pool” and “Living Fossils” would be great for her to feel the underwater marine life.

    Done Liked, Shared & Participated

    FB: Casy Ang

  48. Patrick poon says: Reply

    It will be a great and happy day when we visit thr underwater world
    My 2 daughters are looking forward to go
    Hope to win it

  49. Leong Sook Ling Rosalind says: Reply

    I hope to win these tickets and bring my 3rd niece who recently pass her exam with flying colors. She’s the shy type so I hope she will enjoy bonding with me and my 2 kids (will pay for my kids to go along) also to motivate and encourage to keep up the good work.

  50. My boys loves Dolphins. It would be great if I bring them to watch live perform! It will be an awesome memorable June holiday for them!

  51. I would bring my parents as they have a lifelong fascination with the sea. Both of them grew up in seaside kampungs and they love to watch marine life…

  52. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Would love to win this as June and July is my daughter, hubby and myself birthday. Also out dating 13th Anniversary. Cheers.

  53. Leong Yee Ming says: Reply

    I will bring my children and wife there because we love sea creatures especially dolphin. It will be a great family outing for us!

  54. We love pink Dolphins! My little boy will be thrilled to bits to see them in action.

  55. I will like to bring my bestie Phylicia and my 2 god-daughters along! I work 6 days a week + my bestie is a busy working mum, we can’t meet up as often as we like ( missing those carefree days when we were younger ). Occasionally we try to bring the 2 little ones along but always have to think of kids friendly venues.

    And this sounds like the perfect outing for all of us! I be glad to top up the extra tickets =)

  56. I haven’t been there before and always wanted to go. Would be great to have a fun time watching the amazing creatures together with my family.

  57. Hope to bring my 2 kids. My 4 years old son have not been to Underwater World Sentosa before. Hope to end the school holiday with the sea creatures.

  58. We love pink dolphins! My little boy will be thrilled if I could bring him to visit and hopefully play with them!

  59. Underwater World….
    One of my favorite attraction during my schooling days.
    The seals brings back so much memories of those 20-cents seal kiddy rides with a ball my siblings and I used to ride during our childhood. :D
    Hope to win, would very much loved to bring my 8 year old girl there.

  60. will take my girl and my sister’s daughter, they are two years apart and enjoy each other’s company and visiting the underwater world will be an awesome experience for the two cousins to play and bond :)

  61. I’ll be bringing my hubby and my little boy there! My son loves animals and he has not been there before.
    He loves pink colour (yes! pink!) and i’m sure he will love the pink dolphin. It’ll be a wonderful family outing for us!

  62. Hope to bring my 3yrs old son to Under Water World so that he can be in touch with the amazing plenty different species of the sea animals.
    Especially to be able to see the pink dolphin not only get my son to be thrilled. Me and my husband are more than happier to be able to watch it too.
    It had been ages ever since I went to Underwater World. Hope to go back again and rekindle on the old times when I was visiting the place when I am in my school days.

  63. My 3 kids will sure love underwater world!!! The difference between underwaterworld and
    SEA aquarium is they can watch pink dophins and the seals
    performing!!! They are just too CUTE!!!! Brought them before when they were still babies, so hope to bring them again!!! They will definitely enjoy more!! <3 <3 :)

  64. Carolyn Lim says: Reply

    I will bring my 2 kids along. They will be thrilled to watch the dolphin performance, touch the starfish and enjoy a sumptuous lunch to make the visit to Sentosa memorable.

  65. I would love to bring my kids who are big fans of the marine life. It would be a great bonding trip!

  66. Jaslyn chong says: Reply

    I will bring my parents along if I win the tickets. My father has not been to Underwater world before in his life! This would be a good chance for a Pioneer of singapore to see how his hard work, his contributions have developed the singapore which is today, a home where we have developed into a tourism hub!

  67. Wow… by look at the pictures in your blog seems very fun and exciting !! I hope to bring my 6 year old daughter because we have never been to this place before. She love the marine life and I sure she will be very happy seeing all her favourite sea creatures and get to touch and feel the beautiful starfish , stingray and also feed the little fishes !! The pink dolphin and seal lions are one of her favourite too. It will be so amazing to sea these animals performing right before our eyes. They are so lovely and adorable. I cant wait to bring her there to have a fun and a great bonding day together !! Hope to bless and bring smiles to my baby !! Thank you for this give away !!

  68. I would love to bring my girls and hubby. It gonna be a family bonding session where we get to explore, see and learn about the sharks, jellyfishes, starfish etc in the Underwater World Singapore and I’m sure we will be bombarded with lots of WHY WHY WHY!!!

  69. cindy Angelique chia says: Reply

    I would love to bring my hubby to celebrate his 40th birthday in July! He loves fishes so much so it would be really cool to spend a day with them at the under water world!

  70. I want to bring my parents and my 2 nieces ( 4yo n 8 mth) as all of us haven’ been to underwater world sentosa.
    The kids will loves the dolphine.

  71. Hope to win and bring my family to Underwater World Sentosa & Enjoy A Buffet.

  72. My wife because we have not been to underwater world for a long long time. It’d be very nostalgic to visit it again!

  73. I will love so much to bring my hubby and daughter. We love sea animals and I think it would be awesome to be able to see them personally, watching their every move.
    We definitely love so much to eat too.

  74. I hope to bring my father. He has a stroke so this place would be good for him to move around without too much trouble. Thanks.

    1. Hope your dad gets better with each day :)

  75. I would bring my niece there because she has never been there. She’s not been happy recently so I want to make her happy by bringing her to the awesome place to see the beautiful marine animals and also to treat her to a delicious buffet meal.

  76. Toh Pei Lin (Pearlyn) says: Reply

    I would like to bring my dearest mummy to the Underwater world! Due to my hectic work and school, I rarely have time to spend with my mummy. Day after day, the wrinkles on her face became deeper and more obvious. I know that no matter how busy I am, I have to squeeze out some time for her. We have never been to the underwater world at Sentosa together before. This would be a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together and explore this awesome tourist attraction of Singapore! She would definitely love it as she loves dolphins! :D <3

  77. Michelle Ang says: Reply

    I hope to win for my boyf as he have never been to underwater world and it will definitely be a eye opener for him. When he was young, under many circumstances that he is unable to visit there but I really hope to surprise him on our 4th anniversary that is on august. Seeing him smile make my heart melt and i feel happy too. Hope i have a chance to bring him there.

  78. I would love to bring my gf as we both love sea animals. It will be a great chance for us to bond together and have good food too. And I have never go underwater world hope to get a chance to go and have fun with dolphin. I love to have a chance to relax there too..

  79. I would bring mum along as it has been a very long time since we last visited Underwater World(like 5-6 years ago?And was due to the fact that we were bringing afew extended relatives from abroad and had other places to go, we didn’t stay long to enjoy the facilities..)If I win, it would mean alot as I would like to make up for mum’s birthday as I did not bring her out due to money constraints.

  80. Thanks to for joining this giveaway and congratulations to the winners! Much love to all. <3
    Estella’s most recent post : Revisiting Underwater World Sentosa (Flash Giveaway!)My Profile

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