Posing for the camera

A long time ago, I tried to get Joy to respond to “Cheese” with the victory sign but she just wouldn’t do it. I gave up eventually, because it was no fun to look like a monkey gesturing wildly each time we take a photo for her and because she truly seemed disinterested in it.

Months later, when she was about 1.5 year old, Joy suddenly started to pose for the camera. I captured the first time she did it. Yes, that’s the photo above. She looked bored while she was doing it but she did it anyway. It tickled me so much I laughed out loud and the diners sitting beside us turn around to check out what was happening. They had a smile on their faces as well, when they found out.

Once she found out that her posing amuses people, she started to do it all the time, smiling in pleasure right after. She’s unstoppable now but I’m not complaining because it’s so adorable to watch! I can’t help posting loads of her photographs on my Instagram.

When did your children start to pose for the camera? Did you intentionally teach them to pose?


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  1. Haha.. Joy was all like, “Ok lah, let me humour you with this hand sign”. So cute!
    Lauren is 1.5 year old now, not posing yet. Occasionally, she will give me a silly fake smile after I yell “Lauren” a hundred times to get her attention.
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    1. Haha! I suspect too that that’s exactly what happened!

      The conclusion of an unreliable discussion amongst 6 of my mummy girlfriends is that girls start posing from 1.5 – 2 YO haha so perhaps soon for Lauren! Keep on taking those pictures!
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  2. she so cute! : )
    my boys started very much later.. can’t remember when though.. My girl now 1 year old, not posing yet, but she is always looking at the camera when i taking photos!
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    1. Hehehe I read somewhere that girls start posing earlier because they tend to start mimicking earlier, not sure how true that is!
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