Playing with other children

We forgot that beaches and parks are a huge favourite with families during national day. We were lucky to find a shaded area near the sand playground Joy adores and I set up a nice spot with 3 foldable chairs, 2 boxes of durians and isotonic drinks on a huge straw mat. Easily one of the most comfortable families around.

Joy played with the sand. Very quickly, other children came by and started picking up her sand play toys. We didn’t expect that, but it was nice for Joy to have company and I enjoyed listening to their conversations on and off in the cool evening breeze.

I came to realise that I’m hearing different accents, languages and very different names being introduced between the children. I noticed then that the children were of different races and possibly from different countries. There were mops of different colored hair and they had different skin color but there they were, having fun together.

My parents gave me that freedom and in turn, Joy will grow up knowing how to speak a few words in different languages. She will have the opportunity to understand other cultures and participate in them by celebrating different festivals in school. Joy can welcome friends of different races, religion and nationalities into our home and she can choose marry outside of our race and religion or to someone of a different nationality later on in life. I hope that she gives her child / children that freedom too.

Will you?

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