Plane rides

I traveled with Joy recently and she was saturated with happiness over every little thing about going on a plane ride. She was grinning when queueing to enter the departure hall, wide-eyed when  walking through the departure hall to our gate, smiling as she walked through the metal detectors and delirious when we were finally seated in the plane.

Once on board, she delighted in receiving a pair of children’s headphone, as well as the freedom to watch all the children’s shows on the menu. She watched Zootopia twice! Once on the journey there and once on the journey back.

She waited for the in-flight meal eagerly and ordered her preferred meal on her own. When it arrived, she tried to show me how to let the meal tray down and, how to butter a warm bun. She wanted to eat everything on her tray but there were just too many things to do and not enough time. She finished the other food but had to contend with just a bite of that pandan cake, after which it was time to land.

Joy asked me to take so many photos of what she saw outside the window. She was amazed that we were cruising through the clouds (“They are so fluffy!”).

And was fascinated at looking down on the land, before we landed. “Where are the houses, mama?”, “Who lives in there?” “Can we go to that bridge?”

When we finally landed, she said “I’m so excited to be here!”.

Oh, how I love her.

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  1. This is just too sweet… Just mummy and Joy ❤️ Must have been a wonderful girlie trip together. And you’re brave to venture overseas alone with her!

    1. We went with my parents. Did all the touristy things and solely to satisfy their desire to travel with Joy hahaha. It was a good trip.

  2. Kids, they sure make us relook at the world with wonder and awe don’t they :) You girls must have had a fun time travelling together.

    1. Really. Not a cliche.

      She’s a Joy to travel with now that she’s older. We had so much fun, I’m going to bring her on more trips – before she grows up.

  3. Great photos of your plane ride. My girls look forward to watching videos and the in-flight meals too. They were sooo disappointed that our recent one-hour flight to KL doesn’t come with food.

    1. I would be disappointed too if I were them. KL flights come with drinks, haha did that help?

  4. We just used iPads since we were on budget airline. Lovely pictures! I really love taking plane rides, but only travelled once since having children.

    1. We don’t take SQ often either! Screen time is very controlled at home but, when on holiday, I like to let Joy indulge too! iPads on budget airlines is an idea, but no wifi? How do you do it?

  5. Joy is such a sweetheart!

    1. Thank you.

  6. Your gal is such a sweetie! She actually sat right though without running about! My plane ride would be constant talking to my bubba and chasing after him, great inflight entertainment is a must for me to keep glued to the seat :(

    1. Haha screen time is precious and very special for Joy because she doesn’t get it much at home. Even if I allowed her once in a while, she has to off it herself when an episode is done, or I will not let her watch any the next time she asks nicely. That’s why she stayed glued to her seat!

  7. Ah.. the curiosity of a child, I love that! My kid loves Zootopia too, he loves dancing to Shakira’s music video – what’s the title of the song?

    1. Shakira – Try Everything!

  8. I didnt know this was the 1st time Joy flew on a plane. Why didnt you bring her earlier?

    1. Not the first time she flew with SQ but every time also so happy haha

  9. Seeing the happy faces of our kids makes us happy. We took SQ for our Perth trip and my girls kind of slept thru the flight without enjoying much of the entertainment. Haha

    1. Thats a good thing in itself isn’t it! haha

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