The Pigeon needs a bath | A book review

When it’s bath time, I sometimes ask Joy “Can we not bathe today?”.

Sometimes she would say “Okay!” in delight, until I say “Like pigeon?”

And she’ll immediately change her mind.

I judged this book by the illustration and humour on it’s cover and picked it when Pansing sent me a list of books to choose from, based solely on my interest to review.

By Mo Williems
For children 3 – 6 years old
$16.35 (w/o GST)

Judge all you like, but sometimes, I scare Joy a little with things that she ought to stay away from. Like house pests. Like how being dirty will attract these. This book is not in the least bit scary, but it gets the message across by enacting scenes of a child (as represented by the Pigeon) not wanting a bath, as well as the many familiar and funny things which a child says during bath time struggles. We had a good laugh at some of them.

Unrelated: See that little tummy? So love….

Illustrations are done against a plain background, that makes them stand out all the more and captivate a young reader.

I finished the book in a matter of minutes but Joy took much longer, pouring over each page and showing various expressions on her face as she moves along. She was very engaged indeed, especially by a page I didn’t quite expect to see (it’s super love!).

Anyway.. heres how our bath times are like now.

Me: “We don’t bathe, ok?”
Joy: “Cannot!!!”

I’d say that this book is worth a read, if not for how you may use it to improve the quality of your life/lives during bath time, then for its entertainment value. The Pigeon Needs a Bath is available for sale at Books Kinokuniya, Times Bookstores and Bookaburra.

Disclosure: A big thank you to Pansing for sending me this book, and to Samantha for letting me take my time with this review (big love!). All opinions are my own.


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