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I have been taking photographs for years, both with my camera and with my mind. With the camera, I only know how I feel about the photographs but not how to take them the way I feel them, because my technical know-how of photography is elementary. Most of the time, the camera photographs don’t match up with the mind photographs of special moments.


This year, I resolve to take better memories, not just photographs (one of the 15 things I choose to do differently this year). I got to know my camera (i.e. which functions are for what, other than the “take picture” button) and also read up on the basics of photography.  Abit shy, because noob, but I’ll show you some of what I have been taking after working on the photography for a bit and why I take them.


Because, little girl behind smacking her lips.


Because, crystal clear water droplets


Because, you can lean on your dad in a big big world


Because, exhaustion on the go.


Because, huge tear droplets and tiny stubborn lips.


Because, heartache at her reliance on this device, once upon a time.


Because she looked so grown up all of a sudden.


Can you tell? Maybe I had some idea of what I wanted to shoot but I still lack control over the camera and experience with photo composition. It’s a good thing Canon invited me to a cosy photography sharing session with Alvin Foo, the resident trainer at Canon Imaging Academy.



Alvin touched briefly on the basics of photography, illustrated them with photos and shared experience on an interesting photography project, where he shot the real people (as opposed to what people perceive them to be according to news) living in squatters. I remember Alvin, because it seemed to me that he lived and breathed photography, very interesting to talk to. I also remember this set of photographs he showed us, it left a deep impression on me.

At first glance, I really felt that the photo was already very well taken. What’s wrong with it?
But when Alvin showed us this photo, taken a few minutes after the earlier photo,
I understood a little more about the effect of lighting in photography.


There were also some Canon cameras for us to try out at the workshop. I was a little taken with the Powershot N2, a selfie camera with a 360 degree shutter ring wrapped around the lens. So small, so cute, so useful.


So compact! Fits my very small hands.


Use it to selfie, of course. Photo taken by Cherie with one of the Canon DSLRs.

I like the Canon PowerShot G7X a little more. Compact and not too light. Also has a selfie screen, which is so empowering. I didn’t get a chance to play with it a lot though, because I got distracted by the Powershot N2, maybe another time.



The atmosphere at the workshop was very comfortable. There was an “ask me anything” vibe which made me feel comfortable asking questions which I normally won’t ask people I perceive as experts, because I’m afraid I’ll be seen as asking stupid questions. The whole focus was on learning. I brought along my new, non-canon camera, which I hadn’t understood enough to use, and the trainers at Canon Imaging Academy were still willing to teach me about it, so I can apply what I learnt.


I am ready and looking forward to the next workshop with Canon Imaging Academy, which is the Fast Track workshop on 6 June 2015. I hear that the workshop will focus on fundamentals of DSLRs, which can be also be applied to most digital cameras. If you’re interested as well,  you can also sign up for the Fast Track workshop (more information here):

Date: 6 June 2015
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: HY California (MBS)
Cost: $88


It falls on my wedding anniversary actually but, with the hub’s blessings, I have committed to attend. Also, I hear that the food is good. See you there, if you do go!


Disclosure: I was invited by Canon Singapore to attend the Workshop mentioned here as well as the Fast Track Workshop. No other compensation received. All opinions my own. Credits to Canon Imaging Academy for photographs not otherwise watermarked, used with permission.


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  1. Very nice pictures taken Estella. It’s interesting how dressing, angle, position can influence the perception of the subject (referring to your little girl pics above). I like the Alvin Foo’s photos above. Thanks for sharing. I m not a photography enthusiast but I enjoy looking at nice pictures. More so,pictures that speak! Will share this post with my friend who might be interested. Hv fun shooting!
    Sandy’s most recent post : How Finishing This Half Hearted Artpiece Made Me Feel CompleteMy Profile

    1. Yes! Photography is really very interesting, Alvin said it’s like drawing with light, so true. Thank you, Sandy! I looking forward to shooting more memories. :D

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