Nursing Strike

I was unprepared and uninformed. Totally taken by surprise shock.

After her vaccinations consisting of 2 injections and one oral dose, the little girl went on a nursing strike which lasted (hopefully) 2 sleepless days.

She cried and cried and rejected my breast when it was time to nurse and rather we hugged her to sleep than have milk. Makes it worst that she rejected milk in a bottle as well. So basically, I my mission in life was to get her to have some milk. Any amount, in any way.


She wouldn’t let me carry her horizontally either. Only vertically, with her head resting on my shoulder. And she wouldn’t let me sit down. So it was 2 nights of walking up and down the room, not understanding what happened and getting really worried because she was intaking anything. All these on top of the usual vaccination woes.

I tried eveything my tired brain could think of to no avail, did some research on my phone and realised what it was. It took 2 days of tight (vertical) hugs and I believe it was a combination of the vaccination + possible ear infection. She’s been having a blocked nose for weeks. Since before Lunar New Year. And I informed the nurses before her vaccinations but did not know the implication.

And this is a except from the ear infection bit for the Daddy to digest:

Keep your baby away from all tobacco smoke.

Researchers have concluded that kids whose parents smoke are more likely to get ear infections and have hearing problems.

Children living with a smoker have a 37 percent higher risk of middle ear infections and hearing problems and a 62 percent higher risk if the mom is the household smoker. Kids are also 86 percent more likely to receive surgery for their middle ear problems when their mothers smoke, compared with children who have no smokers in their household.

Even a weekend spent in a house with a smoker can significantly harm a baby and raise his chances of getting an ear infection. Tobacco smoke seems to suppress the immune system, making it more difficult for your baby to fight off infection. Don’t let people smoke in your house, and keep your baby out of smoky environments.”

Hello Daddy, look at this too:

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