Mummy burnout

In the past 2 weeks, my days went like this…

Friday: Very sick. Out of office. Had to look after the little girl anyway just because I was home.

Saturday: Very very sick. MIL went to JB, FIL went for his walks. The dutiful son was also summoned to send the PIL to JB for their trips and he had RT in the evening so a sleep deprived Daddy wasn’t able to help.

I raised the white flag and brought the little girl over to my parent’s place. It helped a little although she hadn’t seen them for some time and cried if they took care of her for more than 10 minutes without me.

I got slightly better after that and just when I thought we were

Sunday: Very sick. Looked after the little girl on my own. Daddy was beginning to fall sick too.

Monday: Sick. Worked from the office. Had back to back calls and used my hoarse voice until it finally decided to die on me. Also well and truly frozen because the aircon was faulty.

Tuesday: Very sick. Out of office. Got better after I had 2 precious hours of sleep in the day although I still had to take care of the little girl. But then at night, just when I thought we were coming out of the rut, she had the consecutive attacks and we hanged out at A&E till late. Daddy was sick too.

Wednesday: Very sick. Worked from home. Took time to settle the little girl in between whilst chasing after my nose. Daddy’s condition got worse as well. This was the day I needed to be back in office the most because of very important calls the next day. Hardly had time for food / nature’s call.

Thursday Very sick. Worked from home intensively. I had 2 very very important calls (my head might roll if things were
messed up). Squeeeeeezed time to take care of the little girl. Daddy was still sick. Hardly had time for food / nature’s call.

Friday: Sick. The neurologist visit took our day. The little girl was over tired and very fussy. I was entirely spent by evening.

Saturday: Sick. Looked after the little girl on my own. Cooked for her, nursed her and took on all the mummy duties although it was Daddy’s turn to do breakfast duty this week.
Sunday: Sick. Birthday but same as Saturday. I had a great day.

Monday: PIL came back from JB early in the morning and claimed that they were sick (actually tired). Worked from home and took care of the little girl in between. Hardly had time for food / nature’s call.

Tuesday: Sick but things got better and we’re almost back to normal.

I felt like I was threading on a line. Just a little off balance, I should be on my way down to an abyss. It might be a good thing, I can finally close my eyes and get some rest before I hit ground and break into pieces.

It was tough.

I had to decide when to take care of the little girl, take care of Daddy, being responsible for my duties at work and answering to the asia pacific sales team + a very demanding boss and take care of myself.

I’ve learnt that you will survive such times because when the crunch comes, you have little choice. Just have to do what you have to do, clench your teeth and tide it over.

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  1. Oh dear :( hope you feel much better now.. and your family too.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. Thanks Ai! Better now.. ^.^

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