Motherhood is a race against time

I enjoy it most in the middle of the night, right after she gets drunk on milk. By then, she gets too intoxicated to care and I hold her by her bum and her neck before gently putting her on my body, tummy to tummy.

I can smell her hair, kiss her forehead, touch her face, pat her back and hug her tight. And I can feel her breathing. It feels like every part of her tiny ecosystem is in sync with mine. And she always makes those cooing sounds… makes me hug her tighter, afraid that she will grow up too quickly for this.

I can calm her down immediately if she twitches and make sure she is throughly asleep before I put her back to bed. We get a good burp and are not disturbed by her Moro reflex. I like.

The only downside was that i had to figure out how to get up from bed and not affect the koala baby. Difficult with a caesarean wound but do-able with practice.

I probably can’t do this for too long but I’m gonna savour every minute whilst it lasts.

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