Making it home | My space is rented but my life isn’t

Have you had a chance to peep into a rented room? I haven’t, until late last year, when my friend shared a story and told me how it has changed her perspective.

Here’s the story:

There was a man who lived in a rented apartment. He invited some friends over one day and they were very surprised that the man, who was not well off to begin with, had taken the effort to clean up the very messy and dirty apartment and even, spruced it up a little. Naturally, they asked him why, since the apartment is not his and he will only be staying there temporarily. The man said “房子是租来的,但生活不是” (“The apartment is rented but my life isn’t).

It inspired my friend deeply, and now her rented room looks like this:

Bed replaced. New bedsheets.

New wardrobe large enough to contain all her clothing
Floor cleared. Blinds working.

And this is what her room looked like before.

One side of the wardrobe door had already come off, so her wardrobe became one that is always open.

A clothes stand at the other side of the room for clothes that cannot fit into the wardrobe and a standing mirror.
No vanity, so she uses the floor.
Dirty laundry at one side of her bed and papers at the other.


Roll down blinds and fallen cloth to cover the other side of the window.


I asked, and this is how she feels after cleaning up and furnishing her room properly:

Having a whole family live out of a room like we have been hasn’t been easy. I think it comes naturally to some of us to think about saving on furnishing since the stay will only be temporarily but now I’m a convert!

If you were living in a rented place, would you do this as well?


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  1. Hi Estella! My husband and I first lived in a rented apartment for two years and we made it home as well by furnishing it with stuff that we liked! It really made a difference. It may have only been for two years which seems kind of temporary but two years is a long time to not live well!! It was small but cosy :)
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    1. Thanks for sharing Adora! I’m sure it made a huge difference between living in a home and living in a rented space. I totally agree, two years is a long time not to live well! :)
      Estella’s most recent post : Making it home | My space is rented but my life isn’tMy Profile

  2. I still stay in a rented room on a weekends and keeping it simple and uncluttered does help to make it more comfortable. Due to the small space, I don’t have to think much about buying home deco or extra furniture, but I try to make a couple of handmades for the room to make it cosier.
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    1. Hello, Rachel! Simple and uncluttered is my preference as well, it makes me less angsty and, after four years of living out of a room, I discovered that we don’t really need much. I need to work on making the place cosy!
      Estella’s most recent post : Making it home | My space is rented but my life isn’tMy Profile

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