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We visit our estate about once every 2 weeks, when the hubby is back in Singapore. Progress has been stalled for many reasons but it’s still getting more and more real. Facade is partly painted for some blocks and from one of the pictures uploaded by future neighbours in our Facebook page, we know that the electricity supply has been connected, for some blocks as well. I am beyond excited.

I’ve started sketching out how I want different parts of the home designed and I based my sketches and planning on this estimate measurements which one of my future neighbours shared with us.

 So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Home organisation, HDB  wardrobe planning

Actually I have almost every room planned out, including the colour scheme but I just feel like writing about our wardrobe planning first. Although I could possibly line a custom wardrobe along the right side of the wall, partitioning off the room, I want the room to look as spacious as is possible and so I’m hoping to be able to build a “L” shaped wardrobe with a tv console at the end against the wall leading to our full height windows, starting beside the accessories wardrobe, like so:

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Home organisation, HDB  wardrobe planning

Our master bedroom has this “corridor” that is formed by walls to the adjacent room (which is, by the way, “The Joy Room”!) as well as our master bathroom. I was a little bummed by it because it seemed like wasted space to me. Too narrow to do anything much except maybe put a mirror there or some artwork. Until I thought of this!

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Home organisation, HDB  wardrobe planning
I know, my drawing needs improving. Ties look like belts look like scarves.

The plan is to utilise 20 cm of the width of this corridor for an accessories wardrobe, since the items I’ll be storing there doesn’t need a lot of horizontal space to keep.

Ties, belts, scarves

Initially, I only thought to have a horizontal bar installed at the bottom part and then have my scarves stored there (by folding over the bars, if you know what I mean) but I came across this and this on Pinterest. Good ideas!


The things I drew at the top left hand corner are not turtle shells ala TMNT but my illustration of jewellery organisers I snagged from Diva. Each piece I own are kept in mini ziplock bags with some desiccant and then stored in the pockets of my organiser. Best that they are hanged up like clothing but if space is an issue, they can also be hanged up on front facing hooks.

Caps / Hats

I did come across this but we don’t own so many caps, so I thought it might be a better idea to display the caps on front facing hooks instead.

Smaller items

Watches, bracelets, bangles and earrings will be kept in a pull out drawer for easy retrieval.

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Home organisation, HDB  wardrobe planning
To get 2/3 of the I-don’t-even-know-if-we-have wardrobe space, I threatened not to wash the hub’s underwear until he agrees. It’s not working at the moment, but I’ll try harder (and succeed, I hope).

I like to hang my clothing so that I can see everything. That includes dressy tops, tees (including polos), tank tops, pants (including legging pants, jeans) and dresses. So, 3 levels of hanging space for me. The only things I don’t like to hang are lingerie (although actually, this is possible), shorts, and home clothes. So they go to the drawers under the space where I hang dresses.

The hubs on the other hand dislikes hanging his tees and polos, because he says hangers cause them to go out of shape at the shoulder / arms. The only things he’ll hang are shirts, pants and maybe jeans. So, I designed the above for him.

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Home organisation, HDB  wardrobe planning

If possible, I’d like us to have space to store our clothing picks for the week. All it takes is two horizontal bars, one on top (for him) one below (for me). Still, this takes up a lot of precious space, I know, so maybe I’d add storage above or below.

I could do without one but the hubs is a tv / movie fan, and as I was planning the room, he asked me “where’s my TV?!”. I designed a simple tv area for him.

Are you surprised? I don’t need a dressing table, just a place to store my make up. Don’t be, because the best type of lighting to do your make up in is natural light and I can get it from our full height windows. My plan is to use a mobile full length mirror and make up while sitting on the floor near my window, solar film needed to prevent me from getting UV rays while I’m at it.

Many friends who’ve gotten their keys told me that when they stepped into their homes, a lot of their plans had to be shelved because there just isn’t the space for them. This is the reason why I didn’t want a walk in wardrobe, they take too much space.

I have estimate measurements of each room but still, I was unable to estimate how many wardrobe compartments I can configure into our room because I haven’t found out the following:

(1) Is there a standard or common depth for wardrobes?

(2) What is a common width for each wardrobe compartment?

I will, in time, and that will probably make me even more realistic about our wardrobe planning. All sketches are not drawn to scale of course.

Hope you had fun reading this. Do you have any wardrobe planning tips to share? I’d love to hear!

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