Making it home: Planning our home as a living space

I feel that any living space for anybody ought to have the flexibility to be reconfigured according to the changing needs of the people living there. It’s a need, especially when you have young children because as they grow up, they need different things from their living space.

As a baby

Sleeping space, nursing space, wardrobe and dressing space, bathing space. Preferably all within close proximity of each other.

Nursary room belonging to baby Sophie, daughter of Elizabeth (The Little Bow Girl). Not in the minimalist style but super cosy , beautiful and having the necessary things in close proximity.

As an infant / a toddler / child

Play, interaction & learning space , sleeping space, wardrobe and dressing space, bathing space, eating space.

Today’s post is actually inspired by Claudia’s post on her girls’ playroom / play area, because of it, I finally found the words to describe what I wanted to say about being about to configure and reconfigure our home according to our needs.

As a teenager / adult

Reading / learning / work space, sleeping space, wardrobe and dressing space, bathing space, cooking & eating space. A space where they can have some privacy.

This is my own bed, when I was still living with my parents. After my sis went to live on her own, I got the whole bedroom to myself for a while. It wasn’t exactly a really small space but I kept things simple as well because they suited my needs / lifestyle. A sleeping space that doesn’t take up space for other things I want in the room.
Photos were taken at a point in time where I loved bad lighting. I kept bills, song dedication slips (where there were also nice comments from customers) from singing gigs, photos and miscellaneous things I want to see frequently on my DIY board.

These are all I can think of right now but going by these, I guess the only space that can be more or less the same throughout the years is really the eating space (Note to the hubby: Approve my kitchen / dining area budget, yo!). That’s the main reason why we’re looking to style our home in a basic, natural setting with as much natural light as possible and as little possessions as possible (for a start) – I feel like our living space needs to be living our lives with us as well.

We’ll be living in a area that is as close to nature as you can get in Singapore without compromising too much on accessibility and I’ll like to extend the feeling of living naturally into our home. I’ll like our home to painted in light colours, dressed in natural light as much as possible and have a lot of wood elements. No hard-to-clean (even our cleaning should be minimal :D) features, lighting or excessive decor. Just understated furnishings and fittings that have clean lines, are sturdy and useful and our minimal decor needs to either have an element of nature or be really significant / interesting to us. I can’t think of a better way to name the “style” we like other than calling it minimalist scandinavian.

Then comes the next question, would our home look boring?

Honestly, don’t know how ours will turn out yet but just from a quick search on Pinterest as I’m typing this post draws up these inspirations:

So far this is one of my favourite kitchens. I like how it looks clean but still has character. Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
I’m obsessed about full height wooden doors except, I’m not sure if it’s doable in HDBs Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source

What do you think? Did you plan your homes as living spaces as well? I’ll love to hear!

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8 Replies to “Making it home: Planning our home as a living space”

  1. Lovely pictures as sources of inspiration there. I love reading your “making it home” series! P.s. The full length wooden doors would be kinda hard, because your aircon trunking requires the beam up there! Tip: Drop the ceiling then you’ll create the illusion that your doors are full length…. BUT!

    Check the height of the ceiling and don’t drop too much.. cos it would make the space look small. :)

    Can’t wait to visit your place one day when its done.
    Cherie’s most recent post : Things Jerry Says #11 – Smart aleck in making.My Profile

  2. Wa, T.T Thank you for loving my series!!

    I’d really, really love to have full height doors but my ID friend also says it’s kinds heard. He said the same about dropping the ceiling and then he said something about glue the door together.

    When it’s done, confirm invite you!!! <3
    Estella’s most recent post : Making it home: Planning our home as a living spaceMy Profile

  3. The spaces you created look very zen! I really like how it all is..

  4. Love the pictures. Yes we plan our home as a living space and I can’t wait to movie out of a rental so I can do even more thatn what I am allowed to now.

  5. Pinterest will make your head spin with all of the creative ideas on there for dressing up a nursery or making your home a space to call your own. I’ve seen some exceptionally creative nurseries before. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve started Pinning ideas for home decor or design, but I do Pin things for ideas for an office and making spaces better organized.
    Yona Williams’s most recent post : 8 Gift Ideas for Best Friend NecklacesMy Profile

  6. I love how your decor looks in each room. Looks very inviting and relaxing!
    Louida’s most recent post : What Not to Share on the InternetMy Profile

  7. I like minimalistic style also. It helps to keep everything uncluttered and is really restfull for the soul. And I love the bed with the step. I would love to have one like that, beautiful!

  8. It’s amazing what you can find on Pinterest now. So many great ideas. Your room looked like mine when I lived with my parents too!

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