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It’s true, I have a huge collection of footwear but since I moved, I realised that I’ve been able to live with about 10 pairs or less of them. So I guess, some of them will be donated / gifted to people who don’t mind.

I’d like footwear we constantly use to be stored somewhere convenient. If possible, not outside the main door because I dislike having to put on anything knowing that my feet are dirty from stepping on the floor outside the door. Hence, I really like the idea of a Genkan (more Genkan ideas on my Pinterest board) :

Source (Website no longer in use)

I love the idea of the deeper one because it looks and serves the purpose better, although the shallow one is much more cost effective to achieve. At the moment, I am seriously thinking of increasing the height of my floor entirely within the pink area with concrete (no more than 5cm high including laminate though due to HDB rules) and then we’ll go for laminate or wood-effect homogenous tile flooring over the area. There will be no need to tile the lower flooring area of the Genkan, because our flat comes with homogenous tile flooring.

I know, raising the floor is going to be expensive but it’s not going to be just for the genkan, it’s also great for:

(1) Sweeping. Have you tried sweeping an area and collecting the dust over a step? It’s awesome!
(2) To create layers in the home. I intend to have less walls, more layers.
(3) Option to have wood flooring on part of the flooring. I love the warmth that wood flooring gives to spaces.

I will have the kitchen doorway shifted to the other side for other reasons. It works out just right, I can have a genkan closet for shoes we wear regularly right where the kitchen door is currently reflected in my floor plan. The main door opens to the right, no obstruction to the closet. The genkan step can also double up as seating for putting on shoes and we won’t have to step onto the concrete floor outside the flat to put dirty feet into shoes.

What do you think? Be glad to hear any cons you can think of, because I am pretty keen about it, scary in a way, thinking of the cost!

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